Video: the ten funniest World Cup moments (so far)

Jun 19, 2014

The weird, wonderful, funny and downright bizarre episodes from Brazil's joyful World Cup

Michael Steele/Getty Images

The Brazil World Cup is already being hailed as a classic, with goals, shock results and plucky underdog performances galore. But off the pitch, the action has been as exciting, amusing and unexpected as the shock news that holders Spain would be the first team on their way home.

Here are some video highlights:
Messi snubs little fan's handshake

In his defence the world's greatest player (or second greatest, depending on your point of view) probably didn't notice the mascot, but it is still a moment of pure heartbreak.

Official snubs referee's handshake

Here is the move that kid should have pulled – the classic 'hand through the hair' when someone denies you a handshake.

David Luiz hugs pitch invader

In contrast to Messi, Brazil's David Luiz hugs a young pitch-invading fan before offering him his shirt and posing for photos.

Biden tells Team USA their goal was better than election win

Even the United States has been gripped by World Cup fever. The US Vice President drops by the locker room after the USA win over Ghana to tell them he was more excited by their winning goal than he was to be on the winning ticket in the US presidential election.

England masseur dumped in water

England's masseur Paul Small was bound to a chair and dumped into a bath of water as part of a birthday prank. Erm, is this guy having fun? The clip is also notable for a split-second view of Roy Hodgson with his shirt off. Warning: cannot be unseen.

Chile fans break into Maracena stadium

Ticketless fans hoping to see Chile take on Spain broke in through the press centre – possibly the least surreptitious way to break in to anything ever.

Russian keeper hands South Korea a goal – literally

Funny things sometimes happen on the pitch too. Although this probably isn't very funny if you are Russian.

Luis Suarez pokes fun at himself

Very occasionally, advertisers come up with something unexpected too. Here, Suarez lampoons his own bad boy image.

New shoe debut

It is just as well the referees' new magic spray vanishes after a few seconds. Here the ref in a Mexico v Portugal friendly sprays the (no doubt expensive) boots of two Mexico players.

Muller hits a table of diners

Proof that Germany's striker doesn't always hit the target.

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