Assassin's creed meets Parkour

Viral Videos: what caught fire this week

Video Fri 25 Jul, AT 16:40

Watch Palace guards perform Game of Thrones and see pro-surfing in the Arctic Circle...

Credit cards

MH17: looters used British victim's bank cards

One-Minute Read Fri 25 Jul, AT 15:52

Family say fraud is ‘final insult' for 38-year-old helicopter pilot Cameron Dalziel

The CIA seal

Terrorism watchlist: secret US rules revealed

Briefing Fri 25 Jul, AT 15:37

Agencies don't need 'concrete facts' to label individuals terrorists – so how are people watchlisted?

Thai Muslims release hundred of balloons after a morning prayer marking the start of the Islamic feast of Eid al-fitr

Eid al-Fitr festival marks end of Ramadan for Muslims

Briefing Fri 25 Jul, AT 13:40

A month of fasting comes to an end with prayers, food, gifts – and not a little confusion over dates

Understanding Hamas: part terrorism, part good works

Fri 25 Jul, AT 12:29 Venetia Rainey

Three things you should know before writing off Hamas as just a violent terrorist organisation

A wanted poster for Yoo Byung-eun

South Korea ferry: 'impossible' to determine how owner died

One-Minute Read Fri 25 Jul, AT 10:55

Death of billionaire unsolved, after report reveals that the tragedy was 'man-made' and could have been avoided

A missile launcher in Ukraine

US claims Russia fired rockets into Ukraine

One-Minute Read Fri 25 Jul, AT 10:06

US says Ukrainian army positions were targeted and that Russia plans to give heavy missiles to rebels