William and Kate 'upset' after honeymoon photos published

Jul 11, 2012
Nigel Horne

Australian magazine shows Kate in a black bikini and William in floral shorts, hand in hand on the beach

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PRINCE WILLIAM and his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, are reported by The Times to be feeling "upset and betrayed" after the Australian magazine Woman's Day published an unauthorised photo from their honeymoon, showing the couple walking hand-in-hand along a Seychelles beach, on its 16 July cover.

Apparently taken with a long lens, the photo shows Prince William in baggy floral shorts, and Kate in a black bikini.

The editor of Woman's Day, published by Nine Entertainment, formerly PBL Media, did not respond to the Times's request for a comment on why the magazine broke a clear agreement between the royals and the press that there would be no intrusion on the honeymoon.

As well as the cover photo, Woman's Day published a further 15 images inside, some showing the royal couple in the water. A disingenuous coverline - 'OUR island paradise' - gives the impression the royal couple somehow sanctioned the project.

Prince William has been particularly sensitive to press intrusion ever since the death of his mother, Diana, in a Paris car crash in 1997. He went to extraordinary efforts to keep paparazzi away from his honeymoon last May, even delaying the trip in a bid to fool the media.

Woman's Day is not the first Australian publication to overstep the mark. In January 2008, the magazine New Idea broke a media blackout to reveal that William's younger brother, Prince Harry, was fighting with the British Army in Afghanistan. New Idea was severely condemned and, for his safety, Army chiefs took the decision to fly Harry home, much to his frustration.

Both magazines have been struggling to gain readers in recent years, with their circulations down to about a third of a million from a high of 1m at the turn of the century. In their heyday, Woman's Day was owned by Kerry Packer while New Idea – known in Australian media circles as No Idea – was owned by Rupert Murdoch.

Neither media mogul is still involved in the bun-fight: Packer sold his magazine empire to CVC private equity, owner of Nine Entertainment. Murdoch sold New Idea to Kerry Stokes's Pacific Magazines.

It is not yet clear who took the honeymoon photos and how the photographer evaded the Seychelles coastguard, who patrolled the North Island in an effort to ensure William and Kate's privacy.

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How the photo mob evaded the coastguard ? Guess.
Errr....how does it all work these days ..money greases all things. Come on you guys.

Confirms what scambags the thing called called 'paparazzi' actually is.
If 'privacy' principles are no longer to be honoured, then perhaps anybody interfered with by these mongrels ought to send their security-men off to invade the paparazzi's privacy...with baseball bats. A dozen scumbags in hospital for a year ought to motivate the others to reconsider their attitude.

If they wanted a full embargo, they should have asked for one. I'm fed up with minor celebs and social paricites demanding privacy when it suits them, when they need the oxygen of publicity to survive. Perhaps they should swap the 'bolly for a cup of harden the f#%+ up princess!

The sooner the republic is formed the better, and we can dispense with these social leeches.

Pippa is the one really copping it.