Russian airliner crash - video

Amateur cameraman captures the horrific moment a Russian jet collides with a motorway bridge

LAST UPDATED AT 13:50 ON Mon 31 Dec 2012

THE MOMENT a Russian airliner slid off the runway and smashed into a motorway in Moscow on Saturday was captured in horrifying detail by an amateur cameraman.

The accident, which killed five members of the eight-person crew aboard the Tu-204 jet, has been blamed on the failure of the aircraft’s brakes or its reverse engine thrust capability. Video footage shot from a car travelling on the motorway near Vnukovo airport – the country’s third busiest - shows one of the aircraft’s wheels hitting a passing car. Luggage and other debris is hurled from the jet and strewn across the road.

Despite the chaos caused by the crash, the driver of the car carrying the cameraman makes what appears to be a calm stop on the side of the road. Both pilots were killed in the crash of the aircraft that was operated by the Red Wings airline.

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Camera was dashboard mounted device, common in a significant number of vehicles on Russian roads. Hardly an 'amateur cameraman'. Good to have correct facts, once in a while.

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