Americans so poor they drink snow, says N Korea video

Mar 13, 2013

Four-minute propaganda clip shows US citizens living in tents, eating wild birds in 'Dickensian dystopia'

AMERICANS are living in such dire straits that they are forced to drink snow instead of coffee, live in tents, and eat wild birds, according to the latest North Korean propaganda video.

As the Daily Telegraph notes, there's a "slim chance" the four-minute "Dickensian dystopia" is a hoax. But even if the video hasn't yet been verified, the paper reports that "it certainly matches all the usual standards" of the country's films about life in America.

A video released last month, for instance, showed a sleeping youth dreaming of an unidentified American city in flames as the pop hit We Are The World played.

The new clip (below) appears to be made out of footage from various natural disasters. It depicts the United States as a nation where the streets are paved with homeless people and, according to the narrator, many citizens "buy guns to kill each other, especially children".

The video even suggests that North Koreans help out their American foes. The voiceover claims: "The American Red Cross supplies curtains for walls for the tents with material from North Korea."

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