Revealed: the man deported from Saudi Arabia for being too handsome

Apr 25, 2013

First pictures and video of Dubai-based actor Omar Borkan Al Gala emerge – and he’s a hunk

WITH HIS dreamy eyes, well-groomed beard and razor-sharp cheekbones, Omar Borkan Al Gala is undeniably handsome. And according to US website Jezebel he’s one of three men who were deported last week from Saudi Arabia - reportedly because of his good looks.

The first images of the swoonsome Dubai-based actor and photographer emerged after Arabic newspaper Elaph reported a trio of hunks had been deported from Saudi Arabia over fears women would find them irresistible.

The three men, who are all from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), were attending the Jenadrivah Heritage and Culture Festival in Riyadh, the Saudi capital, when religious police “forcibly” removed them from the event.

While we do not know the identity of his studly companions, the incident has done wonders for Al Gala’s profile. His Facebook page is filled with invites to foreign countries from women promising he won’t be deported. Here’s a four-minute video demonstrating just how seriously handsome he is. Ladies, enjoy:

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yuck... looks like any sweaty camel herder we see around on a daily basis.

Was he in the French film "Black Gold"?

this is funny..if this is applied in Pakistan a lot of men would get deported :)

I dont really know what to say, im sure theres billions of handsome looking men in suadia arabia = / they gonna deport them all??

There aren't even a billion people in Saudi Arabia, let alone billions of handsome men.

شو السالفه ي أخوانا نبى حد يترجم ....

Who are the other two???

guilty, i understand now

Gees.... i guess i should cancel my plans to go to saudi arabia then....i will be barred from even entering the country...... :-)

this guy aint handsome .he is covering his head.all pictures are edited and photoshopped ..he wnt look 10% as handsome as he looks in his edited pics

It's a mere hyperbole! Chill a bit :)

I'm sikened by the lack of cridibility of this news paper.
Can't u finde a better lie to hate on Saudi then say"someone is deported cuz his too handsome!!!!!!"
Bool shit!!!!!

he's covering his head because he's muslim and they should wear kopiah, skull cap, and something like what he wear on the photos for each days . same like Maher Zain , he always covering he's head with cap because they're muslim .

Just to let you know, the Saudi government can't deport people from UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, or Oman -.-

you are jealous! hahaha

Er mate, I think it's a joke...

Who said muslim should wear kopiah and skull cap? these are just the traditions of the gulf countries..

Send to Portugal....:-))

most likely there is another 'underlying reason' for deporting 3 guys... it is against muslim law to be 'gay' - so check that out. If they had to deport all handsome men, over 50% of all Dubai's would be deported. nonsense

Finally instead of banish the ugly people from the society like it happens in "developed" countries, thats new!!

Soulful or what! Are you sure it was Saudi Arabian WOMEN who were in danger of finding him irresistible? And that camel is going to have to go as well.

Don't they still behead for witchcraft there?

Very funny if its really true

Pakistani men are more handsome.


Helllooooooo there!! My goodness!! Now I agree with the religious police!! He's SINFULLY gorgeous!!!

Exactly..This news paper is churning out rubbish without even knowing anything about the GCC.

It is not the is the homosexual sheiks who would rape this chap; so he had to be chased out of the country for his own protection

Racism against Arabs make you lie

I get this happening to me all the time


15 days ago

most likely there is another
'underlying reason' for deporting 3 guys... it is against muslim law to
be 'gay' - so check that out. If they had to deport all handsome men,
over 50% of all Dubai's would be deported. nonsense
i have been to Dubai did not see any handsome man !