'Hi girls': Tony Blair's greeting to Gaddafi harem

Jul 8, 2013

Girl groomed to be Gaddafi sex slave recalls meeting 'clueless' PM near Tripoli

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WHEN TONY BLAIR bumped into a group of teenage girls after holding talks in the Libyan desert with Colonel Gaddafi, he greeted them with a cheerful "Hi girls".

Now one of the girls – who was 15 at the time - has revealed that the young women were members of Gaddafi's "personal harem" and would later be raped in the tent where the summit had taken place.

The girl, who has been identified as Soraya, says she recognised the "jaunty" British Prime Minister when he emerged from a tent in the desert near Tripoli where he had been holding talks with Gaddafi. In a new book - Gaddafi's Harem: The Story of a Young Woman and the Abuse of Power in Libya - she reveals that Blair appeared "clueless as to the atrocities under his nose".

The book, by French author Annick Cojean, reveals how Soraya was taken from her parents, groomed and forced to submit to the sexual demands of the Libyan dictator, the Daily Mail reports. It also claims that the wives of visiting dignitaries would also disappear into Gaddafi's tent and emerge with their "lipstick smudged and their hair undone".

The date of Soraya's encounter with Blair is not specified in the book, but the Daily Mail says the then British PM's first visit to Gaddafi was in 2004 – the same year the girl was handpicked to join the dictator's harem.

At the time, Blair was accused of doing "dodgy deals in the desert" because although Gaddafi had renounced terrorism he was known to have been involved in the Lockerbie bombing and the 1984 murder of WPC Yvonne Fletcher.

Soraya tells Cojean that she and other members of Gaddafi's harem were kept locked up and forced to watch porn films so they knew "how to please" the dictator. She was so badly beaten that she was left with "the chest of an old lady".

Gaddafi, who was killed in October 2011 after fleeing Tripoli, was said to have demanded sex up to four times a day and would take Viagra to keep up his 'insatiable' demands.

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We all know he was a self seeking To**er who didn't give a damn for anything or anyone other than himself and his cronies. I await the day he and Bush have warrants for arrest issued against them for Iraq.

This is tony blair we're talking about. Among his advisors were mandelson and campbell. - Is anyone surprised?