Melissa Bachman: why it's wrong to hate US lion killer

Nov 21, 2013

Global condemnation of US hunter is 'sexist' and misplaced say South African commentators

SOUTH AFRICAN commentators have come to the defence of Melissa Bachman, the US hunter and TV presenter who caused worldwide outrage when pictures emerged of her posing with a lion she had killed in Limpopo. 

Writing in the Daily Maverick, Rebecca Davis argues that the "misogynistic vitriol" directed towards Bachman does nothing to address the issue of trophy hunting in South Africa.

"Demonising Melissa Bachman further will achieve literally nothing. Neither will it bring that lion back to life," she says, adding that the anger should have been aimed instead at the South African government which gives out "gilt-edged invitations" to foreign trophy hunters.

She suggests that those who were outraged by Bachman's hunt should "lobby your local MP" rather than personally attack one woman. 

Fellow Daily Maverick columnist Ivo Vegter points out that thousands of legal lion hunts are carried out in game parks across the country in an industry that contributes over R6.2 billion (£385m) to the South African economy, and questions why this particular case has received international notoriety.

"Is it not curious that a perfectly legal hunt justifies crudely insulting a woman in sexist terms?" he asks. "Loads of men shoot loads of lions all the time", he says, but none of them make it onto BuzzFeed or "get called sexist names by Ricky Gervais".

The hunting safari was organised by Maroi Conservancy who issued a statement on Facebook insisting that they would not apologise for facilitating the legal hunt. They argue that the meat from the animals is given to the local community and that funds from the hunts help to manage "sustainable conservancy" in the region.

South African Minister for Environmental Affairs, Edna Molewa has defended game farming and hunting, saying it contributes significantly "to conservation, tourism development, job creation and sustainable development, especially in rural areas, and is part of the broader biodiversity economy". 

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Melissa Bachman: why it's wrong to hate US lion killer. Quite
right, hate is an emotion more appropriate is disgust. Mrs. Bachman idealizing killing animals leads to a killer cult of Americans such the Dallas Safari who go after the endangered black rhinoceroses. This being in line with being a strong anti-Environmental Protectionist Mrs. Bachman has the same respect for plant earth as for animals. Well done madam.

Is because she shows so much joy in every picture she has with dead animals, is because is a barbarian act killing animals for fun.

Given their attitude towards control of guns used to kill fellow humans, should we really be surprised by an American of either sex killing a lion ??

Hi, there! American here. We aren't against con control, we have lots of it. Unfortunately, a lot of the existing laws are not enforced. Almost all homicides are committed with ILLEGAL guns, which is where the real problem is. The gun debate about restricting legal gun ownership has taken away from the real issue of why the US government seems unwilling to intervene in the illegal gun market.

Fair enough. And yes, from this side of the pond, what happens in the US with gun control does seem very weird.

Believe me, a lot of us scratch our heads, too. I could holler from the rooftops, but no one seems to care about the illegal guns. It's kind of weird, honestly.

I don't care that she is a woman - I would think it just as disgusting if it was a man standing there gleefully over his kill. I have no problem with hunting animals for food but a major problem with killing just for kicks.

She didn't have to pick up the gun. Did someone have her arm up her back? She is just as much at fault and so yes, why not demonise her!

According to the modern philosophy, the homo-sapiens-demens has the duality of being sapiens or demens, in the case of Melissa she is fully demens, what pleasure she find in killing animals, her dementia may take her to kill people. May be not, but now she lives the life of some one that escapes the cruelty of reality. Animals, as homo-sapiens have alms, they suffer famine, the best mothers in the globe are animals, new women are imitating the bad side of men, is a pity.

Fernando Manuel Alvarado

PADI OWSI 170171-TDI 6810

Killing defenseless animals for "sport" is a tragic and despicable act perpetrated by morally and ethically damaged individuals incapable of appreciating the value of life. They need help in the worst way, such that we can all feel less ashamed of being members of the human race and supposedly capable of “civilization”.

Absolutely nothing to do with her being female - two rich young male Americans got the same treatment a few months ago. What Bachman doesn't understand is that it is simply not cool anymore to enjoy killing animals, and to boast about doing it is just extraordinary. It's like boasting about molesting children - normal people DO NOT DO IT. If you really have to kill animals to meet some inner drive, we do not want to hear about it. Do it in the bathroom, behind a closed door.
And then, to make matters much worse, the fool is photographed with her rifle on a tripod. That is not hunting, sweet Melissa, that is butchery. There is a difference

Trophy hunters are pieces of shit no matter what sex they are. Shoot them with a camera and appreciate these magnificent animals in their habitant and let them live their lives in the wild as they were intended.

I hope you are all vegan. Or just maybe hypocrites?
And yes, I'm vegan.

lets hope what goes around comes around and we read a story about her or anyone else doing these things being shot themselves . how can shooting a animal that has no chance of escaping or protecting itself be called hunting . it is just a case of shooting a helpless animal for fun . lets hope it comes back on her one day ..she is a scumbag and a coward ..

Um, she's the psychopath that takes life for fun. She chose to do it so attack her. May she someday be shot and killed purely for sport, clearly she thinks that is acceptable to dish out to her victims. Do unto others.

This picture turns my stomach regardless of whether the hunter is male or female. What concerns me is the joy this moron gets from this barbaric act. Go hand to claw with it and i'll have so respect if you kill it but the lion stood no chance.That is the act of a coward, plain and simple.
Rot in hell you piece of human waste, I hope someone takes that gun off you shoves it up your a**e and pulls the trigger.

Well said! I feel the same. I come from a place which everyone learns
how to use a gun from the age of 16 and right after the army, at the age
of 21, everyone is very happy to sign back their guns and never see one
again. I also scratch my head when I see such fascination with guns that Americans have. It's not normal.

When you can buy a 0.38mm at a gas station for $49.99, you have a serious problem.

So is if you can order thousands of bullets on line from Walmart.....

I would like to see her smile wiped out when all of a sudden the animal shoots back and a sharp pain goes through her body realizing she's been hit. I wonder how many hunters would keep doing this "sport" if they know there is a good chance they are not coming home.

Something to think about...

I bet she is from the south...

No man, don't go to extremes, that is the big issue on this world, Buddha said that, no too much, not less, we need to find a balance... we have to take care and try not to hurt for a not real reason... if you need to kill for eat is not that bad, we have to... the nature have to, the problem is that we are wasting a lot of food, so that means that we are wasting resources and lives without a real reason an that is bad but just kill for pride or joy is an extreeme too, many things need to be change and we are slowly waking up, but we can't justify a bad action because other do bad action too.

Cheers man!

How can they call hunting a sport? A sport implies that each side has a fair chance as well as actually KNOWS that they are taking part. Hunting isn't a sport, its an abomination.What would future generations think about us if all they could see of a lion its skeleton in some museum.

There was nothing sporting about this, it was "canned" hunting...this plays a large epart in the outrage. And the meat doesn't get distributed anywhere, lion is hardly edible, the carcass just rots.

I care not for what she needs. She deserves no less than the treatment she gives her "prey".

If the cap fits.

We have a similar problem here in the UK with the dangerous dogs act. Whereby it is illegal to own dogs which are (or look like) certain specific breeds just because those breeds are considered to be dangerous dogs. Yet nothing is done to stop idiots (usually Chavs) who choose to own other breeds (usually Stafforshire Bull Terriers) purely as status symbols because they think it makes them look impressive amongst their peers (other Chavs)

She hilter to the animal kingdom

I hope one day a pride of lions return the favor to her

Evil scum killing a poor beautiful animal like a lion you bitch!!!

If she wants to shoot then why doesn't she go to Helmand Province. She wouldn't last 5 minutes.

some men maybe do kill lions etc (the vile barbarian b*****ds) but they don't usually post snaps all over mainstream social media, which says (a) she is fcuk**g stupid or(b) she is humungously unaware of the views of most of the general(& her viewing) public AND F*****G STUPID!!!!!!!!! you want to kill a lion? do it the davy crockett way........... with a knife.

Just because it is legal, doesn't mean it is right. You have choice to kill and a choice not to.

Dear Rebecca Davis, this outrage has nothing to do with Melissa being a female. Don't turn the issue into something else. I oppose trophy hunting by either male or a female. I am sure everyone else who is opposing does not care about her gender.

of all the comments on stories about this incident in the last few weeks, this comment says it the very best.

Stick the riffle up her ass and pull the trigger. Let's her smile then.

I met a young woman who went to Afghanistan. She carried an M4 and knew how to use it. I'm led to understand she often traveled in convoys which almost as often came under attack. I under the impression she doesn't think highly of people like Bachman, but I can't be sure, since she has some difficulty speaking with people.
It is most lamentable that a growing corpus of women worldwide think the the ne plus ultra of societal progress is for women to imitate men in order to get respect. We as a species, clearly have it backwards. Considering that competition for sustenance is, for the most part, unnecessary, hunting could be considered anachronistic. Yet, if we are going to hunt, why not hunt that which hunts us? A la "Tenth Victim", we could set up a worldwide program wherein one could register as killer and go hunting another human. Population control AND a nod to our less developed past.
Unfortunately, the most enthusiastic psychopaths are the ones most motivated to "experience life on their own terms", which, liberally interpreted, means "que se jodan los demas; hare lo que me de la gana, no importan las leyes, ni lo que pueda ser bueno para la humanidad en general.".
For laughs, let's equip Ms. Bachman with an M4. There are plenty of places she could hunt prey that wouldn't just stand there.
Does she strike anyone else as a female Elmer Fudd?
Mighty hunter. heh.

I call hyperbole, which is a nice way of saying something derogatory.
Careful what you say. Almost all homicides are NOT committed with illegal guns. A majority are committed by untrained users in their homes; kids who play with a parent's gun, for example, or a domestic fight that ends up in a shooting.
The overwhelming number of gun owners in America are pretty responsible.
Believe the press at your own risk. If the government's own statistics have crime in decline(an aging population retiring from its hobby, perhaps?), how is it that police forces are enjoying the fruits of a retiring military, receiving used war materiel to control an obstreperous population? And let's not forget that much of what passes now for "law enforcement" has become THE dominant state revenue stream, in which publicity-in this case, negative-can be used to influence less reflective citizens in their views about such subjects as gun control.
America is not crawling with gun-toting murderers, or we'd have half the population we have now. The desire to "even the score", even here, is no different than the rest of the world. Here, at least, we TRY to use our legal system, clearly with mixed results.
Naturally, there are places even I wouldn't walk at night. But thus, too, in any country. I was just in a small city in China and my hosts feared for me strolling about.
Perception is everything. Don't lose the war over it.

This hunting witch is evil. She enjoys killing innocent animals. Killing an innocent lion for trophy is a sin. Get that bitch off the air and shut her TV show down. She is the most hated hunting bitch.

F--k that bit-- she should be hunted down and shot

so is the millions of cows, pigs, and chickens you probably eat all the time and live and much worse places their entire lifes. It was legal and the meat wasnt wasted so who cares if you dont think it is cool! I post pics of the deer i take all the time, or hogs, or whatever else i take legally! Stop complaining about her and go after the ones making it possible.

they said the meat went to the people in the villages so whats your problem?

well do the same with ALL not just one species but i guess cows dont matter!

the whole thing hurts my heart.

What a joke! America is soooo lazy now that we condone murdering millions of animals in slaughter houses but if you go out and hunt an animal or shoot it its barbaric! Whats barbaric is sitting your lazy butt on the couch while someone else has to kill your meat!

I hope this b!tch gets rap3d and her throat slit.

I agree, i'm a vegan, but cows are not an endangered species!!

What if someone murders her for 'fun' and feeds her to starving people Hannibal style, would it be ok then???

You are missing the point standing on your soapbox promoting your morals. The point is that there is no benefit in killing a lion in captivity ("hunting farm"). It is a pity that the proud farmer is not identified.

Wow! in the last few days since this incident I've seen so many people outraged about this lion hunt. I wonder how many of you actually donate to the conversation of endangered animals, governments like South Africa wouldn't need to rely on hunting tourism to support the wildlife.. Just a thought - Put your money where your mouth is for a change!


Ain,t the human race wonderfull

Slavery..genocide.. misogyny .child rape.. black on black
ain,t the blacks wonderful

The white man..the human race is total SHYTE

She is a SADIC. She flashes off her silicon-boobs like a prostitute which clearly revelates her prostitute's mind on top of being a hideous mind. Get enrolled in a useful group instead of DESTROYING LIFE, silly c...t !! With your ugly face ! If the US accept that you have a TV show there, see to what mental deviant state they have come to !!!! Have you ever heard about the natural chain in nature and about biodiversity with natural equilibre ? There is no WORD strong enough to describe your hideous mind and soul.

Has the Bachman humanity left inside of her ? Her smile is devilish and is witness to her despicable mind ! Her brain is heavily damaged : she is, like someone else said, an ethically damaged individual. I don't give much for her life. We don't need this on earth !

Yes, I go frequently to Englan (am a French neighbour) and have talked to some people in parks walking their dogs. I agree with you, but won't use the word "Chavs", but rather : mentally insane. The dogs are NOT responsible of their own aggressivity. THey were trained to become so....

It is true that they use dog to give a certain image or enhance something in themselves. We own a dog, because we like him/her. NOT to SHOW OFF, like a silly c...t !!!!!

Unfortunately, she won't get killed because your US society protects the EVIL !!! She is a big SHIT and is PROTECTED as SUCH

THAT MONSTER of Melissa Bachman, like humans of her hideous type just make the life of many animals a big waste. DESTROYING IS HER LIFE ! Erase her from the earth surface !

BACHMAN : Sale salope ! CREVE, et VITE !!!!

TA GUEULE, fils de PUTE !

They rely on hunting tourism to live on, because the world banksters are robbing their natural ressources ! The entire world knows that ! Silly idiot : if you think that killing animals like that HIDEOUS transvestite is an agreeable source of revenus for some poor lands, JUST THINK before talking ! And YES : I have given in my life for conservation (and not conversation !!) of animals. And I also give sometimes for humans, when my week revenus allows me ! Can you say you do YOURSELF ??? HEIN ???

weak revenus (sorry for mistake)


Child like argument. Yawn.

it's so cool hunting an endangered species! keep on being a tard and soon you'll have nothing else to hunt but yourselves.

ho wow makes much more sense now ! she's a hero now !

the outrage lies in the fact that ANYONE kills another creature on this planet for a trophy, not to sustain life, eat and survive. Wonder how she would feel if a lion had someone she loved killed for a trophy?

Villagers don't eat lion!! By all accounts it does not taste very nice.

She's just a nasty hard bitch. Ignore her and don't give her stupid horrible photos another thought.

If the people in the villages want meat surely they don't need some tart to fetch it for them.

Exactly right Marylise. Humans again are to blame.

fine by me :)

yeah! Just one problem though. She isn't killing for food. She's killing for the thrill of it. Btw, nobody kills for me because I'm Vegan :)

Lions aren't endangered.

Neither are lions!

Also her rifle has no tripod on it that's a strap for carrying it when walking.

Because a full grown male lion evolutionarily designed to kill vs a 120 pound human female would be a fair fight?

If you like killing so much, lets clear out a ground like they do in paintball, but you can take your own weapon of choice, humans only, kill as much as you like at least you have a weapon for defence and you chose to be there. Better than hunger games

Yes it should be banned however, King Carlos rightly received just as much vitriol for killing elephants. This is not misogyny, in fact it is sexist to make that complaint. This creature is sick nasty scum and I'd happily see her and that absurd king dropped together in the bush and left to fend for themselves.

Perhaps the government could buy themselves a few less Mercedes

Don't eat meat like millions of us.

Not all Americans are like her. I used to own big cats and they lived a happy natural life on a big farm. She is an ego maniac with silicone tits. Throw the Americans out of your country.

Bloody Coward. Let her fight the Lion in a FAIR contest. No a proper mano-a-mano...and let's see how she fares.

It's a funny thing...karma. ha. Let karma play out

She is a girl who killed a male lion. Ok my statement sounds like a fallacy which you would disagree with me on but she didn't even kill it for food, she killed it for pleasure and I really hope she gets shot. People who support her are stupid idiots.

Lions aren't endangered...YET. But did you know that the African black rhino made the EXTINCTION list just a few short weeks ago (due to poachers)? If humans continue down this path---lions WILL become extinct. Killing for SPORT NEEDS TO STOP.

ALL TROPHY hunters should be ashamed. You just rarely see anything about it online. This girl posted all this shit all proud, and I'm happy she did. Because she opened the eyes of everyone in social media. They are now so angry that this even goes on. To say people should blame the government for inviting these hunters? The PROBLEM is that they get excited and enjoy the KILLING of animals for trophy and fun. If someone invited you to come rob a bank, and you did, should the person to be blamed be the one who sent the invite? Or YOU for being a bank robber in the first place? Shame on Trophy Hunters. Down with senseless killing of beautiful creatures. You murdering psychos.

if they were endangered! name calling, what a child

i dont eat slaughter house meat, i hunt my own or buy free range.

go enjoy a cheeseburger now

no i think your right, they just kill them for right of passage! Much better use i think.

I think it's disgusting that there are people out there using the 'sexist' angle as a defence for killing beautiful wildlife. There are genuine gender issues that do need attention - this isn't one of them!!

I totally agree - well said

Shame on you, stupid americans which believe the whole world's your own playground. Melissa Bachman is just a tiny little animal inside this universe with no right to kill perfect creations like lions or bears. Someday she'll get old and sick and finally will painfully pay for hurting others.

Well actually, hunters and poachers aren't the same thing. They picked this lion because it was alone, old, and going to die anyway. She gave the meat away for heavens sake! Poachers kill ILLEGALLY, and they only kill for small parts. So instead of yelling at hunters, who stop when told, how about you go to the source of the problem and try to help get rid of poachers. If you really love your lions so much, stop yelling at hunters! Hunters didn't run the Black Rhino to near extinction, POACHERS did.

Ok well let's Hunt them until they are endangered - maybe then your point will make sense!

Hunters regulate and keep the population healthy. Lion hunting is extremely expensive and it's not something most hunters get to do. If it weren't for poachers, lions wouldn't be ANYWHERE near being endangered. Same with certain Elephants and Rhinos. Also, learn proper grammar because you suck at it.

This women has nothing to do with the current population of lions.

you need to look up the defintion of sport, it does not say anything about each side having a fair chance.

You're clearly missing the point. Dont kill the lion in the first place. Theres no need to put them against each other. Admire the animal while its alive instead of when its dead.

You need to look up the definition of "implies" because you clearly lack an education. And while you're at it look up beauty and extinction, then maybe you will get a better idea of how humans destroy the one and create the other.

Where does sport implicate anything about two sides at all? Beauty? I can look up hundreds of video of lions eating there own! Or the thousands of lion attacks! Why not stand up for cows or chickens, I guess they are not beautiful to you! Enjoy another cheeseburger or chicken sandwich while you bash hunting

Because alive it is much harder to mount on my wall

You are so naive and clearly a troll so please get off this site. As for cow and chicken farming, they are bread for eating. We do not eat lions, and i read your crap about the meat going to the local villages. Whatever rock you crawled out from please go back inside. Goodbye.

I'm glad you answered my question,you only care because its a pretty lion! Your a joke and probably never hunted a thing in your life, just show up to you fast food joint and get you slaughtered meat! Cows and chickens didn't start of as being breed for that, we made it that way. Hunting lions is legal and you are just upset from the image. If your gonna fight for one species,fight for them all. And I'm not a troll because I didn't agree with you

You are pathetic. Go get a life and maybe you will be able to go outside instead of being a pimply, fat, sad old man sitting behind his computer screen trying to understand why he still lives with his mom. Anyway, im done talking to an excuse like you so you wont be getting anymore responses. I really do feel sorry for you, sad really.

I can't believe you would try and throw the "sexist" card in something that is clearly a moral issue. These animals are next to extinct. I as a female can safely say It's all the more disgusting blanketing her actions under the accusations that the backlash is based on sexism/ symbolism. It negates away from the fact thus far that she is the only famous hunter (who has a tv show so is naturally more a point of interest) who has posted photos proudly of the fully grown male lion on her Facebook. No remorse whatsoever and paying to have the slaughter orchestrated of a wild and potentially endangered animal is disgusting to me no matter whether it's a male or female young or old. Her nonchalance for the integrity of this animal, it's habitat and pride for the pure purpose of her own entertainment is what I find disgusting.

Wow, you show so much aggression when someone doesn't agree with you. The point that Feredir wanted to make is that all animals are sentient beings (feel pain, anxious etc.). I think you should educate yourself and Youtube Paul McCartney's "Glass Walls" to see where your meat comes from.
Wildlife suffer a lot less than the factory farmed animals, even when they are hunted.
And as from someone sitting behind their computer, I come from rural South Africa and yes, the villagers eat the meat.
Please educate yourself before looking like a fool.

It's not sexist, it's Anthropocentric: the belief that humans are the central or most significant species on the planet. Which is the cause of all destruction on this planet.

Smoking is legal but we hope that you have the common sense to not do it... It's the same with Melissa Bachman. Lions are now suffering in numbers and getting CLOSE to going on the endangered species list. What she did is legal yes but it's not right. She has common sense but just didn't care to use it. Besides it's true - healthy minded people don't go out looking to kill animals for a sport. I swam with dolphins this Thanksgiving and kissed one. I have a photo of it! Healthy minded people take photos with animals while they are alive, happy and interacting. You can contribute to wildlife in other ways instead of killing what makes wildlife worthwhile.

No they are not but they are cutting it close. Look it up!

Well how about go kiss that lion! Comparing a lion to a dolphin is a joke. Just because you feel like its not right doesn't make it so. I don't think people should be able to drink but its legal and done everyday so does that make drinking wrong? People have different feelings about hunting, I've done it my whole life so a lion is no different then a deer if its legal and not endangered.

lol of course it's no different to you because Its what you love to do - It's what turns you on... Kevin Richardson <<< TO ME this is a real man. This is a real contributor!

Got me on the kevin richardson but by no means do I get turned on. I hunt for food or to get a hide.

Cutting close doesn't mean endangered. And once lions become endangered hunting them will become illegal. It's never the hunters you have to worry about, it's poachers. If you really want to get angry at somebody, don't get angry at a responsible adult who kill a lion legally. Get mad at the people who kill them by the hundreds illegally.

What sparks the outrage is because she killed a creature for no bloody reason at all but to feel probably 10 seconds of twisted exhilaration in ending a life and getting an ego boost. What did that lion do? nothing. It didn't even attack her, by which if she retaliated it would have been justified as self defence. Was she going to starve if she didn't get this lion? nope. She had no rightful reason to end this lion's life. But no, she decided to "stalk," (ha, what a joke, she was accompanied by a guide) this completely neutral creature for her sick enjoyment. But she can't be the only person who does this right? People are enraged because she glorified this act as a TV presenter, one of the many faces of media. That's why everyone is making a huge deal out of this, rightfully so, to stop further ruthless killing of innocent creatures and to raise further awareness on these outrageous acts of needless brutality. Also - hunters regulate the environment by killing animals that have unfortunately become pests, inducing negative influences to the ecosystem. They don't regulate crap by killing lions.

it has absolutely nothing got to do with the fact she killed a male lion.. its about killing lions in general.. I understand hunter who hunt animals to eat but what is the point on hunting a lion to show what? its the most coward thing to do it hunt a lion.

Ok so i guess that everyone who hunts in the hunting period is an atrocious sadist... and i killed a rabbit. does that make me a killer? it is just people who sit in their couch and live in urban areas see things differently

"Demonising Melissa Bachman further will achieve literally nothing. Neither will it bring that lion back to life,"

How about I kill Rebecca Davis, sending me to jail wouldn't achieve nothing. Neither will I stop killing scumbags like you nor will Rebecca Davis come back to life.

You're kidding right ? She is a monster - as are all Trophy and Sport (oxymoron) Hunters. - who kill for pleasure and can't get enough of it - and you expect me to feel sorry for her ? I think not.