Today's date is 11-12-13. Why 'sequential day' is special

There won't be another date with three consecutive numbers this century. No wonder people are getting hitched

LAST UPDATED AT 12:28 ON Wed 11 Dec 2013

IF today feels a little bit different, it could be because it’s a sequential day.

The date is 11 December, 2013 – or 11-12-13 as fans of mathematically-interesting dates prefer to put it.

Why not stand by your digital clock at 2.15pm today and wait for 16 seconds to elapse? It will then be 11-12-13 14:15:16.

Sequential days are extremely rare, explains The Independent. In fact, 11-12-13 is the last date this century with three consecutive numbers – the next for the UK will be February 1, 2103.

If something unusual does happen to you today you might like to record it on a Facebook page devoted to today’s unusual date. The page reveals that today has also been christened “Noughts and Crosses Day”, but so far there are disappointingly few reports of odd sequential day phenomena.

The Guardian reveals that the man likely to be most excited by today’s date is Ron Gordon, an American science teacher who has devoted his life to making the world aware of “arithmetically appealing dates”. Gordon’s quest began in 1981 when he wrote 9/9/81 on a cheque and decided to call it Square Root Day.

Since then, Gordon has been a “one-man publicity machine for many other dates”, the paper says. The 68-year-old even offers cash prizes for people who dream up the best way to celebrate an unusual date. He is offering a jackpot of $1,112.13 (of course) for those who come up with a brainwave to mark sequential day.

Sequential day was last month in the US – the 12th of November to be precise – because America uses a date convention which lists the month before the day. It was a Tuesday, but that didn’t stop people from walking down the aisle. According to reports in the US media, the date triggered a 700 per cent surge in weddings.

The Daily Mail says “thousands” of people will also tie the knot today to capitalise on the “significance” of the date. · 

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