Australian bird-cage swimmer in tiger shark attack - video

Gold Coast fisherman Shaun Harrington thought he was going to die as ocean prank goes horribly wrong

LAST UPDATED AT 12:27 ON Wed 15 Jan 2014

IT PROBABLY seemed like a good idea at the time. But when Australian fisherman Shaun Harrington decided to jump into the ocean next to a Tiger shark with only a small bird cage for protection, the "lark" almost proved deadly.

Harrington, 27, was fishing off the Gold Coast with his twin brother Dean, when they decided to film some "extreme cage diving", says Live Leak. They didn't have a shark cage, so Shaun improvised with a flimsy bird cage he happened to have onboard.

All was going well until a three-metre tiger shark – one of the most aggressive species – exploded out of the water and made straight for Harrington's legs. "I thought I was going to die," Harrington said. "We were just having fun but it turned crazy."

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