Cow sex, One Direction bomber and the world's oldest cheese

Feb 27, 2014

It must be true, I read it in the tabloids – our round-up of tales from the farther reaches of the news agenda

Father threatens to blow up One Direction concert after he couldn't get tickets

A father who failed to get tickets for his daughters to a sold-out One Direction concert in Pennsylvania has been jailed after threatening to bomb the stadium, the Daily Mail reports.

William H Klein, 47, promised to take his children to the concert, but when the event was sold out, one of his daughters said she would never speak to him again.

The day before the gig, Klein issued a bomb threat so he could tell her that the concert had been cancelled.

After pleading guilty to the charge of interstate communication with threat to injure, Klein was sentenced to eight months in prison.

Klein has taken "embarrassing dad" to a whole new level, the Daily Mail says.

Man covered in jelly has sex with cow while friend films it

A man had sex with a cow after covering himself in jelly, the Daily Mirror reports. The "traumatised cow" ran off and died after it was hit by three cars. The two men were arrested and charged with "sexual misconduct" by New York State Police.

"Is this the most bizarre news report ever?" the Mirror asks.

World's oldest cheese found – on mummies

Food remains discovered with mummies in China may well be the oldest cheese in the world, USA Today reports. The find dates back as far as 1615 BC.

Scientists say the substance was probably lactose-free and would have been made by combining milk with a mixture of bacteria and yeast.

The cheese was found on the necks and chest of Chinese mummies, the paper reports, and might have tasted like cottage cheese.

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