Syria’s bloodthirsty Brits blamed for beheadings

May 26, 2014

Rebel commander says most-violent jihadists are British

Ali Nasser/AFP/Getty Images

Bloodthirsty British jihadists in Syria are responsible for a string of atrocities including beheadings and crucifixions, claims a senior rebel commander.

Brigadier-General Abdulellah al-Basheer of the Free Syria Army also warns that the British extremists could return to these shores to “continue on their pernicious path of destruction”.

In a letter to The Times, the rebel commander pleads with Britain to send arms to the moderate Syrian opposition to help them deal with the threat of the Sunni Islamist group the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS). The terror unit uses such extreme violence that it has been condemned even by al-Qaeda.

General al-Basheer writes: “They are not freedom fighters. They are terrorists. We the Syrian people now experience beheadings, crucifixions, beatings, murders . . . Many who participate in these activities are British.”

British MPs say that a debate on policy towards Syria is long overdue. The threat potentially posed by returning jihadists is of particular concern. “That in itself is worthy of proper discussion,” said the former Liberal Democrat leader Sir Menzies Campbell.

Britain currently provides non-lethal support, including communications equipment and body armour, to moderate rebels in Syria. The government has thus far ruled out providing arms, which it fears could fall into the hands of a growing number of terrorist groups in the warzone.

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Let us be absolutely clear here, these savages are not 'Brits' they are 'British passport holders' and only here because of suicidal (lack of) immigration policy by the govenments of the past forty years, These savages should be denied right to re enter the country, and re directed to their ancestral homelands where such religiously sanctioned barbarism is still commonplace.

I couldn't agree more with 'Sociologist' below. Every word is quite correct. There are other matters too though, that warrant looking at... Young men, both black and white, play realistic and extremely savage war 'games' for many hours day after day nowadays, is it any wonder that these spill over into ral life sometimes? Asian men, especially, seem to think they are becoming 'serious men' by covering themselves in real blood. Most asians, if you talk to them away from cameras and journalists, will openly tell you that they care NOTHING for "your English laws". They will NEVER 'integrate' into this country, never. They simply turn large parts of our country into little Pakistans.
This attitude is very well kniown to many many white people, but if even mentioned to politicians we get labelled as racists. Marvellous.
If the politicians, who seem to live on another planet to me, had to live in close proximity to these asian ghettos, they wouldb soon see just what their enforced multiculturalism has done to this country.

How the Hell do we get our 'civil servant' MP's to actually do as we the people WANT them to? They tell everyone who will listen that they are there to represent the people who vote for them... rubbish.. they are there tonlive like Lords and get fat on their expenses and priviledges.
If they really were there to do OUR bidding, then this country would be a FAR more peaceful place to live. We would NOT have gone to war, repeatedly, over the last decade and more... and any immigration would be run along the lines of New Zealand and Australia.

I believe the beheading stories to be quite true, how long before the same happens when these animals return? We have already seen one young soldier hacked to pieces in braod dayligght on a London street.. how many more to follow?

Politicians..LISTEN to people will you!!

UKIP are making you all see that the people are fed up of you horrible lot, absolutely sick to bloody death of your cosy clubbishness.


And do as WE wish, not as YOU wish when you get voted in.
STOP these animals from returning into the UK.

Let the scum find out what happens to people who live and do as they do. They WILL be hunted down and dealt with eventually. They will find that Syrian politicians are not as servile and supine as British politicians are.

"Young men, both black and white, play realistic and extremely savage war 'games' for many hours day after day nowadays, is it any wonder that these spill over into real life sometimes?"

Every research has shown that the effect of these games on real life behaviour is either neutral or positive, due to the psychic relief these games exert. Violent games are still games, and gamers are fully aware of that. Hidden, unexpressed, latent, dormant killing thoughts on the other hand can really transform into real action and creation of killers.

lol talk about normal people in the know how, a noobs domain. ''every research'' and gamers claim and passport holders lol. you don't need a passport to be legally british, basic stuff. politcians are clued up and noobs will live life making up their fantasies based on suspicion and false impressions without doing wide research/reading and citing claims. typical.

l agree with some of comments, but dont think young males influenced by violent game playing is leading them to join a war in syria, why just islamists and why in recent times, its all organised by aq, nor are they as the pc polatics would have us believe becoming radicalised by the experience, as if none were radical before, re bombings attempted ones here, training camps, theyre radical before going, its why they go, more so when aq became more powerful and influencial there following the west failing to bomb assad, that allowing genuine rebels to take control with some western influence, here the Brit fighters screamed the loudest against that on mbs media, `no western influence, mind our own`, now aq have moved in and off the Brit aq supporters go, having increased over l0-20yrs, brainwashing by cleriks. For every bomber there are a 100 on mbs media spreading anti west propaganda, whilst majority of moderates in their segregated communities dont oppose the extremists, dont report or shun them for joining fight or supporting terrorists, as with grooming pimping, drug dealing, all well known in their communities, where hierarchy and sharia exist, as with fear of opposing them by moderates and decent ones, much known by white Brit communities in such area,s, also authorities, all increased over 20yrs, mostly northern towns, only became a major concern and clamp down by law when they took it south re oxford, surrey. Many dont want to integrate, westernise, support Brit system, re democracy, law, monarchy, lifestyle, they want to change it to their beliefs, be it actively or politically, propaganda for anarchy, power of vote in 30yrs if they can wait. To state facts is not pc and racist, to refer to pakistani,s as asians at their behest is pc, lumping in indians, chinese, japanese, sthasia whove nothing to do with it as with numerous other Asian countries, even many islamic ones, re turkey, egypt ,saudi who are tougher than the uk on terrorists and supporters. Our authorities are on a different planet, why masses have votes ukip, not admiration for Farage particularly, just concern and fear for the future, with both con and lab slack immigration policies, irony is the eec immigrants are minority ones and most integrate, not sure about romanies, but not a forseen future security threat, some of more recent ones a social one, but even if we left eec and stopped immigration, and l like most think were just too overcrowded which is damaging in many ways, wherever they come from. Will authorities heed the message, a serious one, clamp down, or risk a unknown extreme right wing ukip increasing power in g.e. Start by not letting the Brit bombers back into uk, leave them in Syria.