Hillary memoir extract fuels White House rumours

Jun 7, 2014

Hillary Clinton distances herself from Obama, saying she favoured intervention in Syria

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Advance extracts of Hillary Clinton’s long-awaited memoir have fuelled speculation that she is to make a second bid for the White House.

In Hard Choices, which is officially published next week, Clinton distances herself from President Barack Obama on his approach to Syria and negotiations with the Taliban.

On Syria, she claims that she favoured intervention and the arming of moderate rebels, but was rebuffed by Obama when they discussed the issue. "No one likes to lose a debate, including me,’ she writes. "But this was the President's call and I respected his deliberations and decision."

She also weighs in on the controversial negotiations with the Taliban, which led to the release of Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl. "I acknowledged, as I had many times before, that opening the door to negotiations with the Taliban would be hard to swallow for many Americans after so many years of war," she writes.

The distance she cultivates from Obama in these passages will boost rumours that she is planning to make a second run for the White House.

CBS also reports that the book features passages aimed at softening her reputation in the eyes of the US electorate. However, in the only direct reference to the question of a future presidential bid, she writes: “Will I run for president in 2016? The answer is I haven't decided yet.”

Hard Choices will be officially released next Tuesday, together with television network interviews and a nationwide book tour by its author.

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...a proven liar and one who exercises poor judgement - surely this is not someone suitable to lead the "free" World? (or is it?).

Hilary Rodden Clinton "mis-spoke" (what the f**k does that mean!?) in her previous nomination campaign. In order to give the impression that she had "combat experience" she claimed that she had come under fire in Bosnia - subsequent investigation of her outrageous claims revealed that she had grossly exaggerated a non-incident - in fact, the "incident" to which she referred was the simple act of walking down the boarding steps from her aircraft, along a red carpet and into a terminal building in Bosnia.

When she was exposed in that outright lie she claimed to have "mis-spoken" - only someone as mendacious as she or our very own Tony Blair could have the bare-faced effrontery to try on such a stupid and mendacious stunt. This is the same US Secretary of State who referred to the Falkland Islands as "Las Malvinas"! Hardly a neutral player.

To propose to arm ANY group in Syria is to show unforgivable naivety - did she have a clue as to the ultimate destination of any weapons supplied to "opposition" forces in Syria? No. Thank God for the decency and common sense of Obama.

Cameron and Hague, our very own home-grown boy-blunders tried exactly the same sixth-form debating society stunt over Syria and were roundly defeated in the House of Commons.