9 bizarre weapons found by airport security

Jul 11, 2014

Ninja stars, bear spray and iPhone knives – just some of the oddities on the TSA's Instagram account

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

News of heightened security checks at airports was greeted with groans last week, but photographs published on the American airport security service's Instagram account remind us why security checks can be crucial.

The pictures reveal a frightening array of weapons that passengers have tried to bring onboard, including guns, knives and mortal shells, as well as curios such as cans of "bear deterrent", fireworks and batarangs.

Here is a selection of some of the TSAs weirdest finds:

Swiss army phone

In-flight combat? There's an app for that.

Holy airplane, Batman!

Remember, always pack your batarangs in your hold luggage, not in your carry-on.

Bear essentials

If you find you're being bothered by in-flight bears, try spraying them with bear mace.

Blunt instrument

Before they invented mace, there was… mace.

Bzzzzz… BOOM

No mantelpiece is complete without an ornamental grenade fly.

Star of the show

Well this just looks dangerous for everybody.


Ok genius, what made you think you could bring this onboard?

Not the sharpest…

Obviously a spear gun can do no harm at all if it is wrapped in plastic.

Crouching tiger, hidden ninja

Now class, if you will all turn to chapter two we will revise the section on mercenaries in feudal Japan.

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