Viral videos with 5by: loan sharks, and the real thing

Aug 15, 2014

Find out how sharks got such a bad reputation, and visit the least exclusive spa in New York...

Thomas Samson/AFP/Getty Images)

French 'free diver' Pierre Frolla swims alongside a zebra shark at the Aquarium de Paris yesterday. Frolla, who dives without breathing equipment, swam among 25 sharks to highlight the plight of the endangered species

In this week's collection of videos curated by The Week's video partner 5by, we find out what happens if you set up an impromptu spa in a New York Subway station, why Shark Week isn't just a piece of harmless fun, and there's sharks of another kind in John Oliver's sketch on predatory lenders.

NYC's Subway Spa
Humans need not apply
Shark Week debunked
Predatory lending
Conan Salutes Robin Williams

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