Norwegian police nab drunken Segway driver outside Oslo bar


After the first arrest of its kind, police warn the public does not 'appreciate the danger' of the vehicles

LAST UPDATED AT 14:23 ON Fri 22 Aug 2014

A man has been arrested by police in Norway for allegedly driving a Segway while under the influence of alcohol, Norwegian paper Aftenpost reports.

He was apprehended outside a restaurant in a busy area in central Oslo in what is believed to be the first arrest of its kind.

The public does not seem to "appreciate the danger" of Segways pose, said Police inspector Jan Guttormsen.

"I really hope we're not risking having lots of drink-drivers on two-wheeled vehicles," said Finn Erik Groenliveien, head of the traffic police. "These are treated like any other vehicle when it comes to the limit on blood alcohol.

Until July, Segways were banned in Norway due to safety concerns. They can now be used by anyone over the age of 16, provided they wear a helmet, have a license, are insured and properly registered - and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol

The electric vehicles are under such strict regulation in Norway because they are officially classed as mopeds as they are motorised and can reach speeds of up to 12 miles per hour. In the US, a man evaded DUI charges when he was caught operating one under the influence because they are classified as "electric personal assistive mobility devices", Mother Nature Network reports.

Segways are banned on British roads and pavement but are allowed on private land. The Segway company was sold to British entrepreneur James Heselden, who died on his estate in West Yorkshire in 2010 when his Segway went over the edge of a cliff.

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