World's first 'liliger' cub born in Siberia – video

Sep 18, 2012

A new kind of animal is born in Russian zoo: one part tiger, two parts lion


A SIBERIAN zoo has become home to the world's first liliger. The liliger is a hybrid cat: her father is an African lion and her mother is a liger, a cross between a tiger and a lion.

The cub, Kiara, was born earlier this month in Novosibirsk Zoo, in Siberia, Russia. The head of the zoo's cat section, Roza Solovyova, said Kiara has only just started to "grow and develop".

According to the BBC, Kiara is still in quarantine but visitors to the zoo should be able to see her in October.

After Kiara's birth, her mother was unable to produce enough milk to care for the hungry cub, so zoo employees are feeding her with a bottle of artificial formula.

Luckily the zoo's resident domestic cat has adopted the liliger cub and is providing her with motherly affection.

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