Batman shooting: James Holmes pictured with Page 3 poster

Jul 22, 2012

Man allegedly responsible for the shooting dead of 12 people in US cinema had a dating website profile

THE GRADUATE student who allegedly shot dead 12 people and injured another 58 during the midnight premiere of the new Batman film in Denver, Colorado, posted a picture of himself online posing with a poster showing British glamour model Keeley Hazell.

According to celebrity gossip site TMZ, James Holmes used the picture in his profile on the casual sex website, under the name ClassicJimbo. The Sunday Telegraph reports that police are trying to determine whether the profile is genuine.

The startling image, apparently placed on the site earlier this month, shows Holmes with his hair died bright orange and with Hazell seemingly looking over his shoulder. It says its owner is looking for “a fling or casual sex” and asks: “Will you visit me in prison?”

The Sun used the picture as a cue to allege that the killer was “obsessed” with the model, without providing any evidence of this obsession. It interviewed Hazell who said: “That picture is from a magazine shoot I did a long while ago and I can’t believe such a weirdo has it on his profile page.

'The whole thing is sick - but nothing to what the people of Aurora [the suburb where the shooting occurred] must be going through. My heart goes out to them.”

Meanwhile, The Sunday Telegraph reports that the mother of a six-year-old girl – the youngest victim of the murders – has yet to be told that her daughter has died as she lies, drifting in and out of consciousness on a hospital bed.

Ashley Moser, 25, remains in a critical condition but is expected to pull through. She will have the use of her hands but may experience some paralysis.

Her aunt explained that Ashley had not been told about Veronica’s death: “Nobody can tell her about it. She is in critical condition, but all she's asking about is her daughter."

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