Delhi gang-rape case: police accused of 'torturing' suspects

Jan 10, 2013

Lawyer claims accused men have been beaten, sexually assaulted and forced to drink urine

THE MEN charged with raping and murdering a 23-year-old Indian woman in Delhi have been "tortured" by police, a lawyer for three of the accused has claimed. He said their statements were therefore "worthless".

Six suspects were arrested days after physiotherapy student Jyoti Singh Pandey was gang-raped and beaten in a brutal attack on a Delhi bus before Christmas. Jyoti died from her injuries two weeks later.

Mohan Lal Sharma, who represents three of the six men, told The Guardian that following their detention, all those on trial for the attack were "brutally assaulted" by police.

"They were beaten most brutally… They were forced to drink urine and from the toilet. They were sexually assaulted with sticks in their backside. Whatever statements they made were made under duress and are worthless," he said.

The alleged assault with sticks is likely to have been direct retribution for the attack on Jyoti: the gang were said to have inserted an iron bar into her body, which caused fatal organ damage.

Five of the suspects appeared in a Delhi court today, where the case was adjourned until Monday.

Sharma told reporters afterwards that authorities - under pressure to quickly wrap up the case - would convict the suspects no matter what the evidence was, including forcing them to make incriminating statements.

Five of the men, aged between 19 and 35, face a potential death sentence for their alleged roles in the attack on 16 December, which led to widespread outrage and provoked massive protests across India. A sixth suspect, who is thought to be 17, is likely to be tried separately in a youth court.

The suspects allegedly lured Jyoti Singh and a male friend on to a bus at 9pm. After being repeatedly assaulted, the two victims were dumped on the roadside.

According to the Guardian, police face frequent accusations of abusing detainees and have been repeatedly criticised by human rights groups. Delhi police have refused to comment, citing legal restrictions.

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This lawyer Sharma often contradicts himself and his statements accusing the girl and her friend are beyond ridiculous. He is not credible, just a publicity crazy man with no conscience whatsoever, I feel sorry for any woman in his family. Nobody feels sorry for Mukesh's crocodile tears, these men are liars and sadists of the most brutal kind, why would we believe them? They have no credibility and their own neighbours and parents do not like them and have vouched many times they are rowdies who have brought nothing but shame on their families, community and the entire nation!

Never believe advocates.They know that their client is guilty.Still they advocate for them as not guilty for the sake money only. In Delhi rape case they openly told that they will not under take the rapists case and suddenly hopped to the other side. Believe me, the girl lost her life, that's all. It is a great loss for herself and family also

If those beasts will be escaped from being punished. I feel that it will be a failiure of justice system in India. Those beasts will do again these type of brutal crime as they know the justice system is so weak that they will escape again. And it will produce more criminal. All whatever happened is because of this slow and weak justice system. If we look T data , criminals are increasing every year as they know nothing will happen. This lawer named Sharma himself is a cheap human. Or he doesn't have mother or wife or daughter. Or he himself is respect less I am nri and I won't
Visit India ever if that innocent girl won't get justice .

A life was lost due to those sex maniacs and the torture she went through matters the most .....nothing else. who cares about an unethical person like this advocate

you are absolutely right.if jyothi was his daughter he would have been fighted for her.his work is only to save his criminal clients.

i prey to god that u will definitely visit india after those rapists will be hanged.