Golden eagle takes toddler for a ride - video

Massive bird swoops on child in a Montreal park, but are we falling prey to a hoax?

LAST UPDATED AT 12:04 ON Wed 19 Dec 2012

AMERICAN singer Steve Miller wanted to Fly like an eagle, but that would have been little consolation to the parents of a toddler snatched by one of the giant birds in a Montreal park.

Video of the incident posted on YouTube shows the Golden eagle circling before swooping close to the ground and latching onto the back of the child’s coat. The toddler is lifted off the ground and carried several feet before the bird drops its ‘prey’ and flies off.

The French-speaking man filming the incident curses as he rushes over to the child who is upset, but apparently unhurt.

The video has become a viral hit, but is it real? New Statesman blogger Alex Hern reckons there are “signs of a good CGI job”. Decide for yourself.

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Noted naturalist Kenn Kaufman, as well as others, have exposed this video as a fake. It appears to have been staged using a captive eagle and a manikin.

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