Is N Korea's famine causing people to eat their children?

Jan 28, 2013

Reports of murder and cannibalism coming out of rogue state are deemed 'credible'

NORTH KOREA'S famine is so bad it has driven some people to cannibalism, with one man executed by firing squad after murdering his own children for food, according to reports emerging from the notoriously secretive state.

The Japan-based news agency Asia Press says the unnamed man killed his daughter and his son while his wife was away. When she came home, he offered her a meal, saying: "We have meat." Suspicious, she alerted the Ministry of Public Security who found the bodies.

In another incident, a man is said to have dug up his grandchild's grave and eaten the remains, while another boiled his child for food.

Can such disturbing tales be true? The short answer, says Atlantic Wire, is maybe. Unsurprisingly, the dictatorship of Kim Jong-un has not confirmed any deaths and is unlikely to ever admit to such horrors. But Asia Press has a network of "citizen journalists" inside North Korea and, says the Sunday Times, is "regarded as credible".

Plus it’s not the first time we’ve heard of cannibalism – or severe famine - in North Korea.

Last year the UN’s World Food Programne resumed its aid to North Korea citing "hunger and under-nutrition among children and their mothers". In 2011 the Korea Herald reported a leaked police document which alleged a man had killed his colleague with an axe before selling his flesh, while a decade ago the Daily Telegraph quoted refugees who had fled North Korea alleging increasing cannabilism.

According to, although UN observers visited the country recently they were unlikely to have been shown famine-hit areas by guides.

North Korea yesterday hit out after the United Nations agreed new sanctions against the rogue state for threatening to carry out a "high-level nuclear test".

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North Korea is absolutely crazy. There's hardly any food being produced because the government hire people to sing and dance to pretend to be happy to tourists. They spend all their money on the military the Juche idea and failed buildings for tourists (Such as a hotel, which when they ran out of money they had to stop which left a monolithic concrete tower).

The government is crazy. I can't believe they are able to brainwash the entire nation that their country is the best. They even preach that South Korea is awful. Saying that South Korea has a Human Rights Problem.

Another fact is that North Korea have concentration camps, You can even see them on google earth. North Koreans don't know this though because everything is censored, No internet and only a couple of government run TV channels showing cartoons depicting the Japaneese as the enemy so that when the children grow older, they share the outdated hatred for the country which donates food to them.

When the North Korean government collapses due to a lack of income, I will be very happy.

Make your enemies seem like less than human and it will be easier to kill them.