Oklahoma tornado: storm chasers' video

May 21, 2013

Clip captures the violent storm as it rips through a residential neighbourhood of Oklahoma City

THE OKLAHOMA tornado, which has left at least 90 dead, has been captured on video by dozens of witnesses. In this clip (below) from Basehunters, the tornado can be seen ripping through Moore, a residential suburb of Oklahoma City.

The extreme storm, which hit Moore at around 3pm on Monday local time, is captured in the distance within half a mile of South Moore High School. When the camera zooms in, large chunks of debris can be seen flying through the air.

As sirens blare, the situation quickly becomes dangerous and the storm chasers move on to cover the wreckage the twister left behind. The area is completely destroyed, with entire housing developments "unrecognisable".

The video stops as it becomes apparent there are many people in need of assistance. Rescue crews were still searching for survivors this morning. More than 20 children are thought to trapped inside the Plaza Tower primary school.

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