New era of censorship as Russia bans news websites

First Reaction Fri 14 Mar, AT 13:30

Major independent news outlets in Russia have been blocked by the state communications agency

Four truths about the Syrian regime – as exposed by nuns

Fri 14 Mar, AT 08:41 Venetia Rainey

For a start, we now know Bashar Assad’s regime does detain children. But there’s more…

Pope Francis arrives in Rio de Janeiro

Pope Francis: was his first year a success or failure?

Briefing Thu 13 Mar, AT 16:14

Pontiff has graced magazine covers and been voted man of the year. But has he gone far enough?

Panasonic offers pollution pay to workers in 'toxic' Beijing

One-Minute Read Thu 13 Mar, AT 11:14

'Nuclear winter' in Beijing leads Panasonic to compensate staff for severity of Chinese pollution

Crispin Black

Flight 370: it's time the airlines live-streamed their flight data

Thu 13 Mar, AT 07:49 Crispin Black

Whatever the reason for the plane's disappearance, waiting for the black box to be discovered is crazy

Will David Cameron address the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

First Reaction Wed 12 Mar, AT 12:23

After four-year delay, observers wonder if Middle East peace process is now finally a priority for PM

Tim Berners-Lee calls for online Magna Carta as web turns 25

One-Minute Read Wed 12 Mar, AT 10:24

Inventor of the World Wide Web says it's time to create an online bill of rights to defend freedom and privacy

Lockerbie bombing

Lockerbie bombing: has the truth finally been revealed?

Briefing Tue 11 Mar, AT 11:28

Former Iranian intelligence officer claims Iran was behind the Pan Am Flight 103 disaster, not Libya

New Zealand may ditch Union Flag in 'silver fern' referendum

One-Minute Read Tue 11 Mar, AT 11:16

John Key, New Zealand's PM, promises to hold a referendum on whether to adopt a new flag within three years

As Trayvon's killer poses at gun show, what hope of law reform?

Tue 11 Mar, AT 07:52 Charles Laurence

Vigilante's latest stunt comes as Idaho passes law allowing students to carry weapons on campus