Syria dismisses Bashar al-Assad assassination claims

Mar 25, 2013

Social media blamed for spreading rumour that president was shot by Iranian bodyguard

RUMOURS that Syrian president Bashar al-Assad had been assassinated by one of his own bodyguards have been dismissed as "ridiculous", despite appearing in Arab, Israeli and Russian media.

The reports surfaced on Saturday when it was claimed that the Syrian leader had been gunned down by a member of his security team. The assassin was even named in some reports and on Twitter as Iranian Mehdi Jacoby.

The Israel News Agency website said that news of Assad's death had been confirmed by "Russian media sources". It reported that he had been shot at "point-blank" range by his bodyguard and died in hospital in Damascus "from heart failure resulting from massive blood loss" on Saturday night.

The agency also quoted an Israeli security analyst who pointed out that there had been no news of Assad for more than 24-hours. He also claimed that the assassination was part of an Iranian plot "to take control of the Syrian army and its wealth of weapons".

The Israeli report raised the spectre of Western intervention in Syria to prevent Iran from taking control of the country, which is in chaos after two years of civil war claiming the lives of 70,000 people.

The Syrian government dismissed the reports and blamed social media sites like Twitter and Facebook for allowing the rumour to spread. An official told Russia Today: "It's not true. Definitely it's not... It's ridiculous. And he [Assad] doesn't have an Iranian bodyguard." Media who picked up on the story should feel "shame".

Meanwhile opposition group the Syrian National Coalition, recognised by many as the legitimate voice of the country, has been thrown into confusion after it rejected the resignation of its leader Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib.

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Proof of life?

I want to see him holding a paper dated 3-25-13 or later.

Pics with sharpie in pooper!

Almost ALL of the media coverage on Syria has been shameful. The rebels have manipulated the media from before this all started. Assad has done a lot of good in Syria and could do more. Was it perfect? Far from it but they had: minority and religious tolerance in a secular society, elected parliament and more democratic reforms coming, education and health care were free and for everyone, a growing economy. He's no monster. The reports of attrocities from the SAA are almost all bogus.

You are absolutely right. The best thing about Syria under the Assads was religious tolerance. The Western media is deceitful. The rebels groups include hardline Islamist fighters funded by Saudi's. We should be supporting Assad, not the opposition.


He died for his mistakes he ruined lebanon for 30 years nthg goes unpunished !! Hope the news is correct

Of course the Syrian Regime would deny it. They are doing what the Israeli government did with Sharon - hiding his death to avoid the inevitable - victory to those who want freedom.

The division is growing between the Iranian and Alawite soldiers - they do not agree on continuing this fight as they are dying in the 100's for Bashar - who is now dead.

If you take Assad as a god, then of course you will believe he is alive, regardless of what the Syrian regime tell you. People took Tupac Shakur as a god, and he has been dead since 1996 - however people to this day still believe he is alive. The Alawites work with Shia who believe it is allowed to lie. They claim they are muslim when their religion has nothing to do with Islam. It was a religion that ran parallel to Islam.

There are various outlets from the Mujahideen that confirm - that a Mujahid was in co-operation with an honourable officer inside the palace. The officer shot Bashar Al-Assad dead, and Assad's officers fired back at this officer, killing him. Asad was taken away and is now apparently being key at Al-Shami Hospital with under heavy guard. Inside information from the hospital says he is clinically dead but machines are working to keep his body alive.

As far as I am concerned, he is dead. Recently after Bashar's assassination there was an argument between Iranian and Alawite soldiers, a gun fight took place in the Palace over an argument of informing the world Assad was dead as the fight was now over.

The Iranian know Assad's death does not mean victory for the Free Syrian Army, they will not stop till the Shia and Alawite Cult have left the country.