Ukraine: calls for new offensive as politician 'tortured to death'

Apr 23, 2014

Turchynov to relaunch military operations against pro-Russian separatists as situation worsens


UKRAINE'S acting president has called for the immediate resumption of military action against pro-Russian separatists after the body of one of his supporters was found showing signs of torture.

Oleksandr Turchynov said that two "brutally tortured" bodies had been discovered near the eastern city of Slavyansk. One was said to be a politician from Turchynov's Batkivshchyna party named Volodymyr Rybak.

"The terrorists who effectively took the whole Donetsk region hostage have now gone too far," he said, reports The Guardian.

Earlier in the day the Ukrainian defence ministry said that a surveillance plane was hit with small arms fire while flying over Slavyansk. The crew made an emergency landing without injuries, the ministry added.

The events came against the backdrop of US Vice-President Joe Biden's two-day visit to Ukraine. Biden urged Russia to "stop talking and start acting" to bring an end to the crisis. The vice-president called on Moscow to instruct pro-Russian separatists to leave buildings they are occupying and abandon checkpoints in eastern Ukraine.

The relaunch of military action comes as international monitors report "a worsening in the security situation" in rebel-held cities. An American journalist working for Vice News, Simon Ostrovsky, is reportedly being held by the separatists running Slavyansk. The Guardian says that Ostrovsky's capture is just one of "a growing number" of abductions, arrests and disappearances.

Yesterday three people were killed in a shootout at a checkpoint manned by Russian-speaking gunmen. The Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) described the gunfight as "a worrying deterioration of the situation".

Before leaving Kiev, Biden pledged support for Ukraine's new leaders. The US also announced on Tuesday that it would deploy 600 troops to Poland and Baltic countries including Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

The US government blames Russia for fuelling the crisis, which has pushed East-West relations to their "most critical point" since the Cold War, the Daily Telegraph says.

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Igor A - says: "Once again we have to suffer the war mongering rhetoric of the American Biden J! Constant threats of ULTIMATUMS (which in the past have led to World Wars!!!) and the lack of reference to Palestine and part of the Irish Republic still occupied by Britain. By mentioning those two examples I am remembering Biden's rant about the "theft"? of land by Russia. Biden what a hypocrite you are, only choosing to air matters that you mistakenly believe will help the situation in Ukraine. Not so, we the people of Crimea and Russia will NOT be defeated or submit to your prejudiced threats, or your military exercises and bases in Romania." . Igor A.

All sides have histories of invalid invasion, takeover or occupations that should be subject to an international court's resolution. BUT since we had fairly well working boundaries over recent years and this new situation has been caused by Putin, why can't there just be a vote in the Eastern Ukraine area and go with the result. Noone cares if Putin gets control of East Ukraine IF that is what the people WANT ! Good luck joining Russia, I can't imagine why anyone would want that !
Draw a new border and be done with it - BUT that would probably show up what Putin REALLY wants - which is ALL of his old Russian states back - THAT we will have to fight him on. He has no right to invade anywhere else. Maybe there should be a vote in ALL the old Russian states that are now independent to make sure there is a concensus of what the people there actually want. Russia is now shown to be a 'bull in a china shop' with no consideration for anyone else.