Viral videos: What caught fire this week on 5by

Aug 8, 2014

Watch passengers tilt a train, and see the best baby video in ages


In this week's collection of videos curated by The Week's video partner 5by, CCTV footage shows how people power rescued a man who got stuck in the gap between a train and the platform, and we have proof (as if any more were needed) that everyone – including cows –  loves New Zealand chanteuse Lorde. But babies, it seems, prefer Katy Perry.

See the selection, hand-picked by 5by's head of content, Theo Tabah, below.

Commuters lift train

Commuters in Perth, Australia free a man who neglected to 'mind the gap' between the train and the platform.

Farmer seranades livestock

Farmer Derek Klingenberg serandes his livestock with a performance of "Royals" on the slide trombone.

Kid steals the show on live TV 

Ladies and gentlemen, the future of television has arrived, and his name is Noah

From crying baby to cheerful cherub

Mothers of the world rejoice, the failsafe cure for a crying baby has finally been revealed: Katy perry.

Parachute building swoop

 Parachutist Derek Dutton expertly negotiates a daring turn between two buildings. 

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