Brazil World Cup: hackers target official websites

Feb 27, 2014

‘Fast, damaging and relatively simple’ techniques will be used to crash Fifa and sponsor’s sites, say activists

Photo by Alexandre Loureiro/Getty Images for Adidas

ONLINE activists in Brazil have said they plan to target this summer’s World Cup tournament with a series of digital attacks.

Websites belonging to Fifa, the Brazilian government and corporate sponsors and organisers will come under attack from a group linked to Anonymous, according to the BBC

In 2008, Anonymous was responsible for shutting down both Visa and MasterCard websites after the companies refused to process donations to Wikileaks.
Brazil’s overstretched digital networks, widespread reliance on pirated software and relatively low investment in online security make it an easy target, experts say.

"It's not a question of whether the Cup will be targeted, but when," said William Beer, a cyber security expert with the consultancy firm, Alvarez & Marsal.

One activist who calls himself Che Commodore told Reuters that he would launch “denial of service” attacks, which would block access to targeted websites. "It's fast, damaging and relatively simple to carry out," he said.

Another said the group is “already making plans” for an attack. He said: “I don't think there is much they can do to stop us."

But Brazilian authorities have said they will be ready to combat attacks.

The army’s head of cyber-command, General Jose Carlos dos Santos, told Reuters: "It would be reckless for any nation to say it's 100 per cent prepared for a threat ... but Brazil is prepared to respond to the most likely cyber-threats."

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This should not be surprising to anyone, given the social unrest that has existed during the building of these World Cup Stadiums.

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