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Men’s summer essentials

From luxury swimming trunks to a stunning new Rolex, here’s what you need for the summer season

Luxury swimming trunks

British brand Colada is known for its stylish designs and luxury materials. Inspired by the Mediterranean, each design is named after a beautiful beach, and every pair is tailored from high quality fabrics. The brand promises to make you look as good on the beach as you do at the bar, which, in The Week Porfolio's case, is a high bar indeed. The brand's summer sale is currently on, offering all pairs at 50% off, so snap them up quick. 

Price: £100,

Waterproof watch
Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master 42

Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master 42

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Rolex’s new 2019 Yacht-Master 42 is a stunning addition to an already popular line within Rolex's range, which genuinely looks as good poolside as it does in the boardroom. It is also an incredibly high-spec timepiece, which incorporates all of Rolex's latest proprietary technology, including a bidirectional rotatable bezel fitted with a gloriously matte black 60-minute graduated "Cerachrom" bezel, which is virtually scratch-proof and resistant to fading. The effect of the bezel gives the watch the feel of a stealth bomber, and somehow helps it match with suits as well as more casual summery attire. The 2019 Yacht-Master 42 is also fitted on an oysterflex strap, another Rolex technology that combines the best of rubber and metal, making it simultaneously flexible and sturdy yet curiously comfortable. A Rolex always looks sophisticated, but the new Yacht-Master 42 somehow makes the leap into street fashion to look, dare we say it, cool.

Price: starting at £26,415,


In summer, dress shoes can become too hot and uncomfortable, but sneakers are often too casual. So what to do? These Baudoin & Lange loafers are the perfect solution. The Sagan Vence Collection Glove Suede Clay pair is comfortable and but also durable, and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. Perfect for both day and night, these cushioned loafers are great for any weddings, parties or almost anything. Plus they are hand crafted, but the team behind them are youthful enough to properly understand online retailing, allowing you to order a few pairs to be sent to your home and then simply send back the ones you don't want to keep.

Price: £375,

Day-to-night shirts

According to Pink Shirtmaker, the new “Smart Shirt” was brought about to address “the global phenomenon of casualisation” – the trend for dress codes to become ever less formal. So what exactly is a smart shirt? Designed by Pink’s Creative Director John Ray, it is a versatile shirt specifically designed to be worn from day to night, either tucked or untucked. The perfect thing to transition you from the office to an evening of Aperol Spritzes in the sunshine.

Price: from £115,

Travel-friendly suit

Summer means wedding season, and these days, that often means heading abroad. Richard Anderson’s new suits are specifically aimed at the travelling gent, with clever features to help make your journey a breeze. Available in a range of colours and styles, the travel suit features button-fastening pockets to secure your passport, two handwarmers, as well as pockets to hold glasses, pens and more. Plus a cunning extra pocket just inside the collar where you can store your plane ticket. Ingenious.

Price: £6,883,


Tumi’s Alpha 3 Pocket Bag Small Leather is slim and understated, so perfect for warm summer days dashing around town. It is crossbody bag, which makes it suitable for travel and its multiple interior and exterior pockets offer surprising capacity. The shoulder strap is adjustable and the design is that perfect midpoint between business and casual. 

Price: £275,


Desmond & Dempsey is first and foremost a luxury pyjama brand, but this beautiful dark blue linen shirt can genuinely be worn out of the house, if you so desire. The boxy laid-back shape is perfect for lounging about, with its retro 60s street-style looks. Plus you can pick up matching shorts as well which can be monogrammed for an additional £33. Though you may not want to wear those past your front door.

Price: £79,


D.S. & Durga’s Italian Citrus Eau de Parfum is a contemporary take on a classic scent, with layers of Mediterranean citrus and an unexpected musky edge. Inspired by the fruit groves that dot the coastline Spain, this zesty fragrance is, if you will forgive it, a breath of fresh air.

Price: £220,

Skin care

Austin Austin’s Neroli & Petitgrain body cream is made with betaine which claims to soothe, moisturise, and protect dried out skin. With notes of orange, cardamom and cedar wood, the cream is made without GM ingredients, parabens, silicones, or any artificial colours or fragrances. It is certified as organic and vegetarian and produced in East Anglia. Tested only on people, the packaging is also totally recyclable.

Price: £16,


Apart from a barbecue, one of the most essential pieces of cooking equipment for summer is a blender, with which you make cocktails, smoothies, soups and more. Sage’s new blender, the SuperQ, is actually a commercial grade machine that has been shrunk down to make it right for home use. It is constructed from brushed stainless steel and fitted with noise-suppressing technology to make it quieter than many of its counterparts. The SuperQ also allows you to choose the texture you want so you can blend things smoother or rougher, depending on what your recipe demands. There are also two smoothie settings, a pulse/ice crush, and a frozen dessert function to boot.

Price: £599.95,

Spirit of summer

For a suitably summery mixer upon which to build your cocktails, Barentsz handcrafted gin may be just the thing. This premium distilled gin is made from two different grain spirits - winter wheat and golden rye. The creamy texture of the rye gives a long, rounded finish, while the wheat brings out sweeter notes, which perfectly compliment the added botanicals of orange peel and the signature jasmine flowers.

Price: £32.89,


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