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Unusual Christmas gifts for jewellery-lovers


Jewellery is one of the trickiest things to gift. There is the metal to think about, the ring size, the stone colour and that's before you even get to the shape and style of the piece. There is also the added problem of strict exchange/return policies in many shops. In other words, it is always easier to check with the person you are buying for in advance.

That is a touch unromantic, but there is an easy solution. Why not invest in something made by a luxury brand, but that falls into a different catergory of accessory?

Here are five unconvential Christmas gifts for the jewellery-lover in your life. 

Sophie Bille Brahe - velvet jewellery boxes

Danish jewellery designer Sophie Bille Brahe is known for delicate pieces that subtly play with form and proportion to produce sculptural shapes that are both elegant and playful. Working with diamonds and pearls as well as plain gold, her designs have a wide price range, starting at around £400 for a simple 14ct gold and pearl drop earring and stretching to £5,000 for more elaborate gem-set creations.

This winter she has created these pretty velvet jewellery boxes, produced in collaboration with Net-a-Porter. Lined with satin, they are like regal cushions for your most prized treasures. 

£70 exclusive to

Tessa Packard - Diamond Day silk scarf

Tessa Packard is the queen of imaginative starting points when it comes to whimsical fine jewellery design. Her “Under the Influence” range is inspired by colourful cocktails, while her “Fat Free” collection is a high carat take on penny sweets - it includes a gold gummy bear necklace!

Now the London-based jeweller has branched out into accessories with the Diamond Day scarf, which features various  diamond and gemstone cuts used in the world of jewellery. Originally, the illustrations were hand-drawn by Packard for a visual guide used in her workshop, but thanks to Rampley & Co, a British company specialising in the production of silk accessories, the patterns have been given a life of their own.


Caroline Bucci X FORTE beads - advent calendar

Bucci, the Italian designer, has launched a seasonal gift that will keep someone smiling everyday of December. This advent calendar, in collaboration with FORTE beads, was produced with luxury DIY in mind. Each drawer contains two hard stone beads which you thread on to a Lurex cord to create your very own precious friendship bracelet - plus there are enough beads to make one for someone else. On the 24 December, there is also an extra special treat in the form of a 18k gold Florentine Finish bead.


Alighieri - Limited edition party shoes 

London-based designer Rosh Mahtani has this year released these luxury party shoes, with a special capsule collection available at “I wanted to create a capsule of three talismanic shoes with charms, jingling around the ankle as you travel on your escapades”, says Mahtani.

The range include three models. The Fragment Shoe is inspired by Neapolitan mosaics; The Initial Spark which is the ultimate 90s mule; and The Wondering Traveller, which comes with an asymmetrical anklet of amulets - detachable so you can also wear it on its own.

£350 & £360,

Rosantica - cage clutch

Launched in 2007, Rosantica is the brainchild of Milan-based jeweller Michela Panero. Her aesthetic is very much geared towards opulence, with vibrant statement pieces inspired by traditional jewellery of ancient Greece and Rome.

In May, the designer launched her first handbag collection, all crafted in Italy and rooted in the same artisanal philosophy as her precious metal and gem-set pieces. This dinky Marsala cage clutch is both baroque and elegant, incorporating tiny painted ceramic tiles as well as a plush velvet pouch for a sumptuous and tactile finish.



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