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Ten sports films to watch on Netflix and Amazon

From Eddie the Eagle to Happy Gilmore there’s many sporting movies to enjoy

If you take a deep dive into the Netflix and Amazon Prime Video archives you’ll find hours and hours of sports films to watch. 

One specific genre - boxing and fighting - is often a big hit on the silver screen with movies such as Raging Bull, Ali and the Rocky series packing a punch. 

There’s also many brilliant characters that fans will enjoy getting to know. From Taron Egerton’s portrayal of Michael “Eddie The Eagle” Edwards to Adam Sandler’s Happy Gilmore the real-life and fictional stars really shine on screen. 

We’ve already put together our list of the best sports documentaries and below you will find ten great sports films to watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Eddie the Eagle

Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman star in this feel-good real-life tale about Michael Edwards’s rise to “fame” at the 1988 Winter Olympics. The ski jumper, nicknamed “Eddie the Eagle”, may not have won a medal in Calgary (he finished last in the 70m and 90m jumps) but he went down in history as a British sporting hero. Where to watch: Netflix  

Million Dollar Baby 

Clint Eastwood acts in and directs this boxing film that features Morgan Freeman and landed Hilary Swank the best actress Academy Award in 2005. Frankie Dunn (Eastwood) is a boxing trainer who gets won over by the determination shown by Maggie Fitzgerald (Swank). Boxing may be the theme for this film, but there’s much more action and drama than what’s on show in the ring. Where to watch: Amazon Prime 

Happy Gilmore 

Adam Sandler plays title star Happy Gilmore, a failed ice hockey player who turns to golf in a bid to save his grandmother’s house. This film may be uber-Sandler, but it’s also a classic. Christopher McDonald’s turn as Shooter McGavin, Happy’s rival, is worth the watch alone. Where to watch: Amazon Prime

I, Tonya

Tonya Harding was a decorated ice skating star who competed at the Winter Olympics and world championships. However, the American will be remembered for one of the most sensational scandals in sporting history. Margot Robbie plays the lead role. Where to watch: Amazon Prime 


Ron Howard’s racer biopic looks back at the rivalry between Formula 1 legends James Hunt and Niki Lauda. The performances of Daniel Brühl (Lauda) and Chris Hemsworth (Hunt) are great, the soundtrack is superb and the racing scenes are epic. Where to watch: Netflix 

Coach Carter 

Samuel L. Jackson’s character Ken Carter takes over the coaching of his old high school’s basketball team. But before the players improve their performances on the court they must improve their grades in the classroom. All together now… “Rich-what, Richmond!”. Where to watch: Netflix  


In this biographical film Brad Pitt plays Billy Beane, the general manager of the struggling Oakland A’s Major League Baseball team. Beane partners with Ivy League graduate Peter Brand (Jonah Hill) to recruit a team of players using a revolutionary statistics and analytics-based system. Where to watch: Netflix 

The Football Factory

There’s been some decent football hooligan flicks over the years - The Firm with Gary Oldman and I.D. with Reece Dinsdale are two classics. Starring Danny Dyer, Frank Harper and Tamer Hassan, The Football Factory is also a good watch and there’s some cracking one-liners. Where to watch: Amazon Prime  


Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton go head-to-head in this emotional tale of two brothers who compete in a mixed martial arts tournament. Nick Nolte plays the father of the fighters and he was nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role at the 2012 Academy Awards. Where to watch: Netflix 

Mean Machine

Described by the Los Angeles Times as “soccer’s version of the Longest Yard”, Mean Machine has hardman and former footballer Vinnie Jones in the lead role. Jones plays ex-England international Danny Meehan, who is sent to prison for match-fixing and is recruited to coach a team of guards. It’s cheesy but with Danny Dyer and Jason Statham also in the cast what’s not to like? Where to watch: Netflix  


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