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Spa days at home: best products for lockdown delivery

If you’re craving a spa day, here are the best products still available during the coronavirus crisis


If the coronavirus lockdown has left you in need a boost, a spa day might be just what you need.

Real spas are out of bounds for now, but there are health and beauty companies still willing to bring the experience to you.

Here is a look at some of the best products on the market.

Temple Spa’s Simply Radiant Collection

From Temple Spa comes the Simply Radiant Collection, containing excellent products such as Repose resting ceram, Exalt neck cream, Windows of the Soul eye treatment and Eye Will Survive eye mask treatment.

The company promises the collection will “give your skin a new lease of life and that ‘wow’ feeling you have been longing for”, and is ideal for both men and women “seeking a radiance to their skin”.

Michaella Bolder - the facial box by MD

Given the flattering “best buy” accolade by The Independent, this subscription box has a little bit of everything to keep your spa needs satisfied during lockdown. 

As the newspaper says, the contents of the box are “born from Michaella’s desire to offer a package of her ‘cult’ favourites that have been personally tried and tested over the years on lots of different skin types and shades”, and each product “makes up part of your daily optimal skincare routine and includes cleansers, exfoliators, masks, SPF, self tan and lip balms”.

Self Care at Home from ESPA

With the Self Care at Home package from ESPA, home spa enthusiasts can indulge themselves with a series of hand-picked products that can, as ESPA puts it, “bring you beautiful skin and a sense of inner calm during this time”.

The collection contains the brand’s Refining Skin Polish, Pink Hair & Scalp Mud and Overnight Hydration Therapy.

As a little bonus, ESPA will also send a complimentary Morning Ritual Gift when you spend £80. Conveniently, this self-care package costs £81.

Proaccelerant Organic Pea Sprout Treatment by Salon Science

Those looking to give their scalp and hair a bit of TLC should try Salon Science’s Proaccelerant Organic Pea Sprout Treatment - an intensive serum formulated with an organic pea sprout extract known as AnaGain for fuller, thicker hair.

It is said to be rich in restorative proteins, starch and fibres and works to prolong the life cycle of hair and encourage growth at the root.

The Ordinary - The Daily Set

The Daily Set, a skincare bundle from The Ordinary, is a great way to keep your skin feeling radiant at a fairly low cost.

It contains a squalane cleanser, natural moisturising factors and hydrating hyaluronic acid serum, making it the “perfect introduction to the game-changing skincare range”, Pretty Little Thing says.

“Your complete daily regime is right here, with everything you need to cleanse, hydrate and moisturise skin,” it adds.

Talika Genius Light

If you’re into the more hi-tech side of spa treatments, even these can be done at home during lockdown with the Talika Genius Light, a wearable device that boasts multiple anti-ageing skincare benefits.

Talika claims its product is inspired by powerful patented Nasa technology, combining light therapy and electrostimulation to offer eight innovative treatments such as first wrinkles, global anti-ageing, anti-dark spots, anti-blemishes, anti-stress, radiance boost, detox and after sun.

As Talika’s president and founder Alexis de Brosses says: “Who has never dreamed, like Aladdin, of having a magic lamp with their very own Genie? Today, Talika has just created such a lamp and presents its technological discoveries and know-how to enable women realise their dreams.”

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Mask Time Glow setter subscription box

Mask Time says its product is a “funky Korean sheet mask subscription service, the latest trends in sheet masks plus added goodies delivered straight to your door each month”.

The monthly subscription box service, which comes at the end of every month, contains a number of Korean face masks and other skincare products to leave your face feeling refreshed.

And if that wasn’t enough, Masktime is offering 50% for NHS staff, police officers, fire fighters and the military.


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