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Where dreams come true: bedroom designs inspired by Disney

The #disneybedroom trend on Instagram has produced some magical creations

The magical world of Disney has transcended from the small screen to many walks of life. 

It’s not just film, music, fashion and pop culture where Disney’s iconic characters are playing a starring role, but also in home interior design.    

Bedrooms - for kids and adults - which feature Mickey Mouse and Co have become a popular trend on Instagram with the #disneybedroom hashtag racking up more than 4,000 posts.

Design experts at OTTY have handpicked ten of the best bedrooms inspired by classic Disney films and characters.


Mickey Mouse bedroom @disneymom_jayme


Mickey Mouse

Whilst the Disney universe has grown since his first appearance, the iconic Mickey Mouse has remained a firm favourite. This chic room showcases a grey embossed throw, white bedding and cream walls. Accompanied with a Mickey Mouse dream catcher hanging from the wooden headboard, this fits perfectly with the quaint plaque above “dream is a wish your heart makes”.  


Minnie Mouse @perfectpinkhouse


Minnie Mouse 

Mickey’s sweetheart, Minnie, is well known for her iconic polka-dotted bow and dress. This pastel pink room screams “Minnie” - decorated with an elegant pink bed canopy, netted curtains and pink beanbag, it’s completed with Minnie-themed soft toys, pillows and duvet cover.


Peter Pan @davidons_homes


Peter Pan 

A classic story about a free-spirited and mischievous boy who can fly. Every day is an adventure with Peter Pan living his never-ending childhood flying around Neverland. This bedroom captures the story of Peter Pan perfectly, with wooden toys and lanterns. If you’ve ever read or watched Peter Pan you would know that this room is like a replica of The Darling children’s bedroom.


Cinderella @kelseymichelle85


One of the most famous Disney princesses, Cinderella remained kind-hearted, graceful and elegant whatever her evil step-mother and step-sisters threw her way. This glamorous master bedroom is no doubt fit for a princess. Whilst it features limited Cinderella merchandise, the beautiful, grand bedframe alongside the pastel pinks and blues that run throughout makes this room perfect for anybody that wants to follow in Cinderella’s footsteps.


Toy Story @disney_at_home


Toy Story 

Toy Story is undoubtedly one of Disney’s biggest franchises - spanning more than 20 years. The films tell the story of friendship, adventure and of course, talking toys. It’s impossible to pick your favourite Toy Story character, so why not celebrate them all? This room is tastefully decorated head to toe with merch! From Toy Story toy boxes to a plush Mr Potato Head pillow with removable parts.  


 Lion King @disney__time


The Lion King 

The Lion King is a Disney animated favourite following the story of lion cub Simba. The film is both heartwarming and heart wrenching all at the same time. This bedroom is a perfect example of incorporating Disney into your home in a minimal, toned-down way - with adorable pastel Lion King bedding, and accompanying Timon mug.


101 Dalmatians-theme bedroom by Instagram user @disneykayuk


101 Dalmatians 

An old-school Disney classic, 101 Dalmatians has been a family favourite since its release in 1961. This bedroom is for all Disney, dog and dalmation lovers everywhere. Alongside the 101 Dalmations pillows and duvets, this setup is made for those looking to add a hint of Disney magic to their bedroom.


Alice in Wonderland @Bellwayhomes


Alice In Wonderland 

Based on the classic novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, Disney’s adaptation follows a young girl who falls into an unusual, and wacky world completely different from our own. You could drift off into Wonderland yourself, in this Alice-inspired room - complete with the classic tea party scene and pocket watch clock hanging from a chic bed frame.


Aladdin @disneylifestylers



One of Disney’s 90s classics, Aladdin is the original rags-to-riches story - and who can forget Robin Williams as the Genie? This bedroom is decorated to make you feel right at home in Princess Jasmine’s palace, with blue and purple jewel tones throughout, Aladdin-themed bedding and a huge Raja pillow (Jasmine’s pet tiger).


Winnie The Pooh @disneylifestylers


Winnie The Pooh

Winnie The Pooh tells the stories of several adorable woodland creatures and their everyday adventures in Hundred Acre Wood, featuring Piglet, Tigger and of course, Pooh Bear himself. This room takes Disney inspiration to a completely new level, with a bed made to look like the Winnie The Pooh books, traditional wallpaper and even an Pooh Bear lamp.


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