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Champagne for Mother’s Day: an expert’s guide on which bubbly to buy

Choose the perfect style to make your mum’s big day even more sparkling

Raise a toast to your mum and get her the perfect champagne to accompany the celebrations this Mother’s Day. 

Francoise Peretti, director of the UK’s Champagne Bureau, shares her top tips on which champagne styles to choose.

The chocolate lover 

For mums who love sweet treats, a Demi-Sec is ideal. Anything dry would be too jarring but Demi-Sec champagne has more sugar in it and pairs harmoniously with desserts. Do not be alarmed however, it’s not “sweet” per se and will still retain that glorious freshness and acidity that champagne is known for. 

Mother’s Day Sunday Roast 

People typically reach for the red when choosing a wine to pair with steak or red meat, but if your mum will be enjoying a hearty roast on Sunday, then a Brut Rose or Blanc de Noirs pairs perfectly. Meaning “white of black” a Blanc de Noirs is made from 100% black grapes and has the structure and body to enhance the complex flavours of red meat.


Many consumers are unaware that the majority of champagnes are vegan, so you won’t be pushed to find a champagne suitable for the vegan in your life. If unsure, you can use Barnivore to check if it is vegan or not. Champagne was also the first wine region in the world to conduct a carbon footprint assessment and implement a sustainable development strategy way back in 2001. 

Low sugar style 

If your mum prefers something on the drier side, an Extra Brut or Zero Dosage champagne is the purists’ choice. A no-frills style that is extra fresh with ultra-low sugar, meaning it’s only 60 calories a glass. 

The wine connoisseur 

For something extra special, wine enthusiasts will appreciate a fine vintage. Vintage champagnes are typically aged for at least four years allowing the flavour to become much more complex. The grapes used to make a vintage can come only from that year making it a unique expression of that time – you can make your Mother’s Day gift extra sentimental by choosing a vintage from a year memorable to the recipient.

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