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Who are the remaining 2019 Shipwrecked contestants?

One of the UK’s first ever reality TV shows concludes this Friday

Cult TV reality show Shipwrecked will come to an end on Friday, with the two teams fighting to secure the cash prize.

The aim of the gameshow is simple: the islands’ two tribes - the Sharks and Tigers - “have to battle it out to win over new arrivals, with a £50,000 prize fund at stake for the largest tribe at the end of the competition”, says the Radio Times.

It was one of the earliest reality shows on British TV, first airing in 1999 - before the first series of Big Brother - and returned to UK television last month following a seven-year hiatus.

This season sees Shipwrecked heading back to the Cook Islands of Moturakau and Rapota, where the first and fourth series were also filmed.

The programme is voiced by radio presenter Vick Hope, who promised “amazing characters, epic bombshells and lovely waves of nostalgia”. However, it has had a “mixed reception so far, with people complaining it's too much like Love Island,” says Digital Spy.

The finale is set to air at 9pm on Friday 15 February.

So who are the remaining contestants?

Tom Wotton

The 20-year-old from Devon is something of a high achiever, studying industrial design at Loughborough University while training for the Royal Marines.

Kush Khanna

The 26-year-old from London is a recruitment manager, actor and singer, and appears to be the comedy element in the series. He calls himself the “Director of Fun” and claims his former band was signed by Geri Halliwell but then broke up when one of the members left.

Emma Fleming

The 21-year-old English graduate, from Rutland, is “a bit of a boffin”, according to Metro. Explaining why she applied to appear on the show, she said: “I was in the library with my friends and I thought it was a bit of a joke, as I never thought I would get in. I watched it when I was younger and I was obsessed with it.”

Tula “Big T” Fazakerley

The part-time wig-maker from London goes by the name Big T and believes she was chosen to be a contestant because she is “controversial”. The 26-year-old Londoner lived up to that billing in the very first episode, when she had a row with fellow contestant Liv Jawando.

Kalia Lai

Lai, 20, splits her time between modelling and working in her local Chinese takeaway in Dunstable, Bedfordshire. She has mixed feelings about her Shipwrecked experience, telling Metro: “The main thing for me was that the people on my island I wouldn’t want to hang out with back at home. They did not have the same humour.”

Freja Budd

The 25-year-old executive assistant from Northamptonshire said she applied to go on the island to “get a cracking tan and meet some amazing people”. Her luxury items are glitter and hot sauce.

Daisy Bowles

The 22-year-old from Essex has reportedly been a sales executive and model for Abercrombie & Fitch but is currently “looking for opportunities”.

Sam Bhaumick

Hailing from London, Sam Bhaumick is a 24-year-old personal trainer.

Chris James

The 24-year-old Cambridge graduate is the chief executive of Strawberries and Creem, a hip-hop, garage, grime, house, bashment and R&B music festival. He told the Radio Times that appearing on Shipwrecked had helped him with the “grieving process” following his mother’s death.

Hollie Hobin

A 24-year-old social media influencer from Bromley in Kent, Hobin admits she enjoyed having a break from her mobile phone’s camera lens during her island stay. Sharing her new-found insight with Metro, she said: “My memories are so much clearer because I wasn’t looking at anything through a mobile phone. I was looking at everything through my eyes. It was an amazing experience.”

Liv Jawando

Jawando has shown her fiery side since day one on the island. “I am a very strong person, I know who I am and what I am about,” said Jawando, who’s 20 and works as a waitress from Manchester. “If I want something I will get it.”

Jamie Hodge

The 23-year-old comes from Cornwall and is a performer, taking on the role of Prince Charming in Disneyland. His father was footballer John Hodge and he was apparently sick on David Beckham’s lap as a child, reports Cornwall Live.

Danielle Collins

Danielle and her twin sister Simone, both 24-year-old dancers from Brighton, joined the Shipwrecked line-up together but Simone was later eliminated. “Before going on the show, the twins spent six months working in India and featured in a Bollywood music video called Bom Diggy Diggy,” says The Argus.

Troy Cooke

The 22-year-old videographer from London says his claim to fame is appearing on MTV’s Super Sweet Sixteen UK when his best friend’s party featured on the show.

Lottie Day

The 26-year-old artist performs at festivals. She lives in London but grew up in various places and says she has “always been a bit of a hippie-dippie spiritual fairy”.

Patrick Greenway

The 29-year-old landscape gardener from Surrey is the latest contestant to join the show.

Sean Lineker

Viewers are yet to see any of the islanders spark up a proper romance, “though new islander Sean Lineker may finally provide die-hard fans with the fairytale romance they’re after after he strikes up a connection with Chris James”, says the Daily Star.

While he is openly gay among his friends, Lineker told the paper he was worried about joining the show because his dad, who he has not spoken to in five years, did not know about his sexuality.

Beth Spiby

New arrival Spiby has had a range of jobs, from being a retail assistant in Marks & Spencer and a rep in Magaluf to selling photo and videos on softcore porn website Only Fans, says The Sun.

She left viewers stunned on Monday night after she simulated a graphic sex act on herself during a game of truth or dare. The 22-year-old followed this up with a lap dance last night which left fellow contestant Emma Fleming “covering her face in shame”, says newspaper.

Stacey Freeman

The 19-year-old Lewes footballer and model “mixes the catwalk with the changing room”, says the Sussex Express, and was among the last batch of contestants to arrive on the island.

Brad Mattinson

The self-described “social media influencer” is just 19 and viewers say he bears a striking resemblance to Love Island’s Doctor Alex.

Leah Holly

The 25-year-old from Stoke, who splits her time between consultancy and glamour modelling, joined the show this week and chose as her luxury items a pack of plain digestives and a football. The Stoke Sentinel says “it's the first time she has appeared on TV although she has previously appeared in lads mags through her saucy modelling work which she shares on Instagram”.

Jaden Richards

At 19, the mechanical engineer “is one of the youngest contestants, but doesn’t come across that way”, says the Yorkshire Evening Post. Speaking to the paper he said: “Everyone I hang around with is a bit older so I think that’s pushed my mental age up quite a bit. I can hold my own and can seem like the adult in a situation even when there are older people around me.”

Shipwrecked is on weekday evenings at 9pm on E4 and concludes on Friday


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