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10 great ways to improve your home and garden

From designer furniture and bespoke wardrobes to garden accessories and home fitness solutions

Turn your house into the home of your dreams without breaking the bank with these amazing deals and innovative ideas from trusted experts. Here are some great ways to give your property a new lease of life.

1. Take control of your fitness goals by building a home gym
JLL Fitness equipment in the corner of a room

Worried about lockdown affecting your exercise routine? Starting a home gym could be the solution. JLL Fitness is here to support you and help identify the best products to suit your abilities. Its extensive range of fitness equipment will meet the needs of everyone, from beginners to advanced users. As well as the likes of treadmills, bikes, rowing machines, Olympic barbells and weight plates, JLL Fitness can also supply you with the foundation of your home fitness setup. The company also stocks an array of protective flooring, weight racks and other accessories to ensure your home gym is the best it can be. Take control of your fitness goals and start your own home gym today.

Explore the range of products at

2. Fine handmade furniture to enhance your living spaces
Asymmetric sofa with popcorn pattern

It can take as little as one statement piece – perhaps a finely crafted chair – to create a big design impact. Sebastian Blakeley fuses an Italian design ethic with 35 years of traditional British master craftsmanship to create everything from magnificent dining sets to extraordinary chaise longues. The company also creates handcrafted walnut or oak staircases. All creations are unique works of art, with the team embracing a close working relationship with their clients to deliver on individual expectations. Contact the team today to commission your bespoke piece of fine furniture by calling +44(0)7473118407.

For more information visit

3. Rejuvenate your home with affordable, top-quality furniture
Sofa showroom

Create a new look and feel for your home with high-quality designer pieces at an affordable price. Top Secret Furniture offers a range of designer brands alongside premium pieces from interior design industry favourites. It stocks products in a range of styles and finishes from the Vintage Sofa Company as well as popular Halo furniture as found at the likes of John Lewis and other major retailers. Improve your home without breaking the bank.

To learn more, visit

4. Get all of your grooming and self-care needs sorted
Bottles of skincare products on a cabinet next to a pile of rolled-up towels

Subscription service TAKK delivers a new way of looking after your personal care without any gender stereotyping or greenwashing. The service offers top-quality products for all your dental, body, hair care and shaving needs. TAKK toothpaste and dental floss have been developed by a dentist, shower products have gentle formulas with refreshing aqua fragrances, and the brand’s moisturisers are light while delivering much-needed hydration. TAKK has also launched a line of shaving of products suitable for all genders. The Scandinavian-style razors not only offer durability but also have an elegant look. The flexible subscription allows customers to choose their frequency and skip individual products.

Find out more at

5. Luxury furniture shopping made easy
Low sofa with a lamp behind, a table to its right and a footstall in front of it

Luxsale is an online designer furniture outlet offering discounts of up to 70% on luxury upholstery, traditional furniture, contemporary lighting and home accessories. The sofas are made by sister company The Sofa & Chair Company at its London workshop. All products are ready to go and will be delivered in under 14 days with a complimentary white glove delivery service. Luxsale offers the largest luxury showroom in the UK and – once lockdown restrictions lift – customers are invited to meet with its expert sales attendants and browse to their heart’s content. Enjoy 10% off* discounted prices with code LUXURY10. Offer valid from 1 March to 1 April 2021. T&Cs apply. Offer not valid in conjunction with any other promotional offer.

Shop now at

*Offer valid from 1 March to 1 April 2021. T&Cs apply. Offer not valid in conjunction with any other promotional offer

6. Create a home environment that works for you
Contemporary kitchen opening into a living area behind

From makeshift classrooms to cafes, our homes are being used for every aspect of our lives. Homeowners across the country have transformed their properties to suit their new routines with the help of Origin’s hand-crafted aluminium doors and windows. All of Origin’s products are made in Britain and are completely bespoke. Plus, as they come with a guarantee of up to 20 years, you can be safe in the knowledge that your home is ready to deal with whatever life throws at it.

To find out more about how Origin’s doors and windows can help your spaces work for you, visit

7. How to find the best heating solution for your home
Two open doorways. Through the left is visible a large, old boiler. On the left is visible a compact Fisher Future Heat boiler.

Fischer Future Heat is a home electric heating company with over 70 years’ manufacturing experience, offering a wide range of products to suit all your household needs. Aquafficient uses a single 3kW element and patented thermal storage technology to provide hot water on demand, without the need for storing water. AquafficientEco+, meanwhile, is an air-source water heater with a power requirement of less than 10 amps, making it an economical addition to the household. The patented Fischer Clay Core radiators are fully temperature controlled and use a wireless smart thermostat, ensuring no wasted heat or energy. All products are 100% electric and are compatible with Solar PV and most energy tariffs.

Quote reference code TWMAR21 when requesting your free catalogue today by calling 08008403717 or visiting

8. Maintain your outdoor spaces with steel lawn edging
A flowerbed and lawn divided by a metal EverEdge border

There’s a simple solution to keeping your garden edges neat and tidy. EverEdge has been manufacturing steel lawn edging in the UK for more than 25 years, producing a range of edging products perfect for lawns, flowerbeds, paths and driveways. EverEdge products last for decades once installed and help to create neat and defined borders, cutting down on the need for maintenance and improving the overall appearance of any garden. The EverEdge Classic range is the product of choice for most domestic gardeners due to its flexibility, durability and ease of installation. Made in 1-metre-long sections, the EverEdge Classic is ideal for use on domestic lawns and can be installed at home without the need of professional gardeners. Contact the team now to discuss your next project.

Discover more at

9. How to get the wardrobe of your dreams
A large, neatly ordered walk-in wardrobe with windows and a bedroom visible beyond

Whether you’re a collector, fashionista or busy professional, having the right wardrobe can make all the difference. Built-in fitted wardrobes offer stylish design and unrivalled functionality, enabling you to get the maximum storage possible while adding unique customisation details. But before buying a wardrobe, you need to consider size, quality, materials, design, finish and budget. That’s where FCI London comes in. It has been manufacturing top-of-the-line wardrobes since 1985, taking a simple and competitive approach to pricing that has kept clients happy for many years. Its range includes corner wardrobes that are designed to occupy a small space while offering a big interior impact. FCI London’s walk-in wardrobes are the ultimate in luxury storage for your clothing and accessories, featuring beautiful interiors and installations. Its sliding-door wardrobes are ideal for smaller spaces as the doors provide a space-saving option without forgoing style or storage.

Learn more at

10. Boost your interiors with high-end Italian furniture
A living room in a contemporary design with long, low furniture

Minotti London is a leader in high-quality contemporary furniture, with its designs and philosophies informed by interior design and architecture professionals. Comprising fully trained interior designers who understand the needs of private clients and architects alike, the team offers a high level of bespoke service, whether customers are purchasing a single piece or fitting out an entire property. Minotti London ensures the skills of talented artisans are combined with the latest modern technologies, balancing industrial precision with sensitivity and eye for detail. For more information, contact or call 0207 3233233.

Discover more at


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