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Video: Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury clash on stage

Tensions run high as heavyweight rivals hold their first press conference ahead of the December title fight

Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury

  • What: WBC heavyweight title fight 
  • Where: Staples Centre, Los Angeles 
  • When: 1 December 2018 
  • TV channel: live on BT Sport Box Office

Two months before they step into the ring for their world heavyweight title fight in Los Angeles, Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury went head-to-head in a verbal sparring match in London.

WBC champion Wilder and former WBA Super, WBO, IBO and Ring Magazine heavyweight champion Fury were in the UK capital today to launch their 1 December mega-fight which will be held at the Staples Centre in LA.

As expected from the two larger-than-life fighters, the opening press conference was an entertaining affair and ended early with the duo pushing and shoving each other while exchanging insults.

The Independent reports that the first press conference “had to be abandoned” after the heavyweight rivals “clashed on stage” and security stepped in. The Daily Telegraph says that Fury dismissed suggestions that he was the “challenger” and urged Wilder to “join him for a body spar”.

The winner of the Wilder-Fury fight could face Anthony Joshua at Wembley Stadium in London next April.

Wilder vs. Fury press conference highlights

What Fury said

“I am no challenger for no man. I’m the linear heavyweight champion of the world, the best of the best. This is two champions colliding, equal rights, rephrase and start again.”

“I am savouring nothing, the only thing I am savouring is smashing Wilder’s teeth in. All the press are here to see the biggest fight of our generation. You are in for a treat.”

“I am in the mood for no messing around, no 15 stone man can beat Tyson Fury. If we fight 30 times I would win 30 times.

“The thing is Bronze Bomber, you big dosser, you are not ready for me.”

“If I can’t beat you, I’ll kiss your two feet on the floor.”

“It’s what I do, prove people wrong. No matter who you bring, I’ll take them out. He ain’t got a prayer, he’s living on a prayer. I’m ready, you’re banking on me having two fights in three years. That’s the only reason you took this fight, you think I’m done.”

“You’ve lost, 100%. I can tell you’re afraid, I’m looking at a pussy cat, not a killer. A killer never stands out like you, never dresses like you. A killer is a silent assassin. I am the greatest.”

“I picked this fight. I said get this fight made. I could’ve fought another ten bums if I wanted to. I believe he’s a lemon and I’m going to squeeze him nice and hard. I’ll make lemonade out of him.”

“You’re going to feel the fury, come on! I want to feel it. I don’t play games. Let’s have a tickle, come on! Please, let’s have a spar, let’s give the fans a warm-up.”

“You think this is a game, I’ll punch your face in. You’ve got power then, let me feel that power boy!”

What Wilder said

“It’s important to establish dominance. I say I’m the best, the baddest man on the planet, I believe everything I say. When it comes to Tyson Fury, I’m all about devastating knockouts, it’s what I do.”

“He got two months to get ready, he lost a lot of weight, he got to lose a little more. We can’t live off others’ opinions. You’ll know what time it is, you come here to see one thing, me knocking somebody out.”

“Why did it take so long? You’ve been talking about this for years. You could’ve accepted this pain. You’ll feel it in person. I will baptise you. You’ll feel the Alabama slammer.”

“I’m No.1 for sure. I believe it. I feel like I’m the cream of the crop. I cannot wait. I’ll be the champion to beat.”

“I’m [gonna] knock you out!”


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