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Latest Brexit news in 300 words: from Barnier to new Irish plan

EU's chief negotiator believes Brexit deal can be struck in next two months

Michel Barnier has said it is “realistic” to believe that a Brexit deal can be agreed between the bloc and the UK within the next two months.

The European Union’s chief negotiator added that he is aiming to “reach an agreement on the first stage of the negotiation within six or eight weeks” - news that saw the pound jump in value, The Guardian reports.

During a meeting in Salzburg next week, EU leaders are expected to announce that a special Brexit summit will take place in November in order to wrap up the terms of the deal.

“Talks over the next seven days, culminating with a council of the EU27’s Europe ministers next Tuesday, will determine how generous European leaders will be to May in Austria,” adds The Times.

Brexiteers to publish alternative Irish border plan

Publication of the Brexiteers’ 140-page alternative plan for Brexit is on hold, but the group will reveal its proposal for the Irish border “later in the week”, a Tory source told Politico.

“May has been appalling at allowing the border to wreck the negotiations,” the source added.

The Sun reports that Brexiteers want “flying squads” of tax inspectors to roam all over Northern Ireland carrying out customs checks. “Arch-Euroskeptics believe a hard border with the EU could be avoided by ‘Inland Clearance’, that would see goods made for export subject to spot checks from officials in factories and at arrival destinations,” the newspaper says.

TUC keeps option of second referendum open

Delegates at the Trade Union Congress conference have voted overwhelmingly to keep the option of a second referendum open, albeit with serious reservations.

The decision by the unions “will trigger more demands” at the Labour Party Conference from those urging Corbyn to “back a so-called people's vote”, says Sky News.

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