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Eight unmissable business ideas for growth, streamlining and modernisation

The rising cost of living affects businesses too, but these innovative services can help you ensure your company, profits and goals all continue to grow

Whether you’re looking for financing, outsourcing or want to take your brand into the future with virtual reality communications, these organisations can help you achieve your goals in 2022.

1. Grow both your business and ambitions with funding opportunities 
Woman sat at table in meeting room

The greatest asset of many entrepreneurial business leaders is not bricks and mortar. These days, client reviews, online presence and trading history are of the utmost importance. Revenue-based financing is available from TradeBridge, which uses real-time whole-business trading data to assess the true strength of your business, delivering meaningful amounts of funding that grow with you, fuel your ambitions and develop the essential components of your business. With offices in London, Paris, Singapore, Sydney and Shanghai, TradeBridge has partnered with more than 500 businesses across 50 countries, with outstanding sector experts in e-commerce and healthcare. Click here to speak directly to the team today or learn more about how its financing will help you realise your ambitions.

2. Sell more by improving your campaigns and client approach 
A copy of a bound report titled 'The state of prospecting in 2022' with two men in a roundel to the right

Sopro is a sales engagement platform, run by outreach experts. The fully managed outreach service sources ideal prospects for your business, engages them with personalised emails and connects them directly to you or your sales team. It uses multiple data sources to build a live audience of ideal customers, delivering up to 99% of your emails while protecting your domain reputation. The bespoke email templates, proven sequences and advanced data insertions create highly personalised messages to help you connect with buyers, while a dedicated team of experts work to proactively improve your campaign by covering customer success, campaign operations and prospecting template writers with data scientists and compliance experts. To learn more about Sopro, download the free report at, or call 020 3988 3940.

3. Arrange a complimentary strategic review
A women drawing with a marker on glass while a group of people in business attire watch.

CEOs say that complexity is their companies’ biggest obstacle when it comes to implementing strategy, with an average success rate of strategic execution as low as 50%, 1ovmany has found. Through its consultancy work, 1ovmany has observed that the main barriers contributing to this (and therefore hindering organisational growth) are unsynchronised teams, slow response to change and a disconnect between technology and business. It understands the challenges and complexities that come with communicating across an organisation and executing strategy, and works to help organisations to unify teams by connecting business and technology in order to accelerate success. 1ovmany is currently offering a complimentary strategic review to provide UK businesses with objective insights to alleviate these problems and adapt for the future. Click here to book your consultation now. Offer Valid Until 31 Dec 2022.

4. Modernise your office with a snooker or pool table
The corner of a pool table

These days, potential employees expect a little more from their working environment. Adding something fun to the workplace can make you a more appealing employer, with the added benefit of entertaining clients, too. Sir William Bentley Billiards, which designs and makes bespoke pool and snooker tables, has more than 40 years’ experience of restoring and reproducing antique billiards, all of which are handcrafted in the UK. It also offers dual-purpose tables, which can be particularly beneficial for offices short on space, with options to roll-over – ‘turning’ stylish tables into a top-quality pool table – while others have precision-engineered mechanisms to lower the table for everyday use and then raise for playing. Go online to see what might work best for you at

5. Reduce payroll costs up to 30% by outsourcing 
A page of a report on a table displaying bar charts and line graphs.

Years ago, having a team of employees in the office was the norm. Nowadays, businesses are outsourcing to other agencies as it’s increasingly possible for companies to achieve the same output at a lower expense. Not only is it cost-effective, but it also gives senior stakeholders time to focus on important business tasks. Appoynt supports businesses with their administrative responsibilities by providing dedicated virtual assistants at an affordable price point. It works with a range of organisations across different industries, giving holistic knowledge to provide the right services for the client. Get in touch now and get 20% off your first month – valid until 16 August 2022. For more information, visit

6. Make your communications stand out with AI video 
Three video presenters standing together

Hour One is an artificial intelligence-powered video creation platform that instantly converts your business’s text content into high-impact, presenter-led video. It helps organisations across a variety of teams and sectors – from learning and development and human resources to media and e-commerce – to boost content effectiveness. Organisations can personalise videos with customised scripts and a selection of languages, while choosing from a library of virtual presenters to generate immersive video content in mere minutes, taking away the time and cost of a studio shoot with live actors and crew. You can even create your own presenter or ‘virtual twin’ and generate videos just as easily as typing an email, with no coding or high-tech skills required. Register for free today and start boosting your company communication with virtual human-led presenter videos. Offer Valid Until 31 Dec 2022

7. Get expert advice for high-value property finance
A mansion by a lake with mountains in the background. A set of stairs lined with railings runs down the side of the property.

Enness Global is a high-value finance broker serving high-net-worth individuals and successful entrepreneurs, as well as corporations. The firm specialises in brokering large finance deals from hundreds of thousands of pounds in value to multimillion-pound transactions. Whether it’s for a UK or international mortgage, bridging finance, specialist finance or corporate finance requirements, it can broker the best option for you. Fully independent, Enness works with more than 500 lenders to hand-build finance solutions for clients. Headquartered in London, Enness also has offices in Monaco, Switzerland, Dubai and the Channel Islands, but it can arrange finance anywhere in the world, including in cross-border transactions and in deals where borrowers want to raise debt using multiple asset classes. Get in touch with Enness to find out more.

8. Boost your travel business with website development
A hand drawing on a tablet.

Functional and eye-catching websites are one of the most important elements of any business. At ProfileTree, the team is focused on delivering businesses beautifully designed websites that improve user experience, mobile experience and, most importantly, generate more sales for the business owner. The company comprises a team of web designers who have worked across many industries, from tourism to finance. It also has branding experts on-hand who can help ensure design is on point for your niche. If you’re looking to grow your travel website or company, ProfileTree can help with digital training. For more information, visit

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