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Ten Things You Need to Know Today: Sunday 15 Mar 2020


Coronavirus: elderly ‘to be ordered into isolation’

People over 70 are set to be ordered by the government to stay in strict isolation at home or in care homes for four months, according to reports. The measure could be imposed within 20 days. Everybody must be “considerate in the way they shop” and must not buy “more than is needed,” says the British Retail Consortium.


Donald Trump tests negative for coronavirus

Donald Trump has tested negative for the coronavirus, the White House physician has said. “This evening I received confirmation that the test is negative,” Sean Conley said in a statement on Saturday. The US president was tested days after hosting a meeting with a Brazilian delegation, some of whom have since tested positive. The US has more than 2,700 confirmed cases, with 54 deaths.


Putin ‘making moves to remain in power until 2036’

Vladimir Putin has taken a step that could allow him remain in power until 2036. The Russian president has formally asked Russia’s constitutional court if it is legal for him to change the constitution, the Kremlin said on Saturday. This means he could serve another two six-year consecutive terms after 2024. Putin, 67, has dominated Russia’s political landscape for two decades as either president or prime minister. 



Police officer sacked after child abuse video conviction

A police officer has been sacked by the Metropolitan Police after being convicted of possessing a child sex abuse video. Superintendent Novlett Robyn Williams denied seeing the footage after it was sent over WhatsApp by her sister. However, the 54-year-old was convicted of possessing the footage at trial and sentenced to carry out 200 hours of community service in November. She has been dismissed from the Met without notice.



Five hurt in fresh rocket attack on military base in Iraq

Three service personnel from the US-led coalition in Iraq and two Iraqis have been injured in a rocket attack on a military base. The Iraqi military said more than 30 rockets were fired at Camp Taji base, which is north of Baghdad. It was the second attack this week on the base. On Wednesday, rockets killed two American troops and one British soldier there.



Labour urged to send leadership ballots to all members

Labour is being encouraged to send ballot papers to all members who have yet to vote in its leadership election, after ongoing complaints that some are still waiting for their chance to have their say. The Observer says some members have described it as a “farcical” situation in which they were having to provide high levels of proof of their identity before being granted a vote.



‘No chance of reconciliation’ between William and Harry

Prince William thinks his brother Harry has disrespected the Monarchy and the Queen, while Prince Harry thinks his brother is overbearing and rude about Meghan, according to reports. Although Palace aides had hoped that January's crisis summit about Harry's future had cleared the air between them, the Mail on Sunday claims that any chance of a reconciliation has died.



Police admit that forcing woman to remove hijab was wrong

Police say that forcing Muslim women to remove their headscarves at UK airports could be unlawful. In an out-of-court settlement, the Metropolitan Police has admitted that when it coerced a woman to take off her hijab so officers could photograph her, it was a breach of her human rights and violated the woman’s right to religious observance. One victim had compared the experience to being made “to remove her top”.



A new NHS drug could stop HIV within a decade

A new NHS drug set is set to stop HIV within a decade, reports The Sunday Times. Health secretary Matt Hancock says the medication will eliminate new HIV infections within 10 years. The news was welcomed by Sir Elton John, who said he was “overjoyed” by the decision to provide the drug, describing it as “truly incredible”. Some 103,800 people were HIV positive in the UK in 2018.



Woman files suit after being handcuffed as she gave birth

An African American woman has filed a lawsuit in New York, claiming she was shackled to a hospital bed during labor, after she was arrested on a minor assault charge that was later dismissed. The lawsuit filed on behalf of 22-year-old “Jane Doe” against the City of New York and several New York police department officers claims the woman was also handcuffed and shackled after she gave birth to her son.


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