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Ten Things You Need to Know Today: Tuesday 14 Apr 2020


Raab to announce ‘three more weeks’ of lockdown

The Times predicts today that Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, deputising for the prime minister while he recuperates from Covid-19 at Chequers, will announce on Thursday that the UK will stay under lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus for at least another three weeks. The paper says the virus peak is still a week away.


Anger over care home coronavirus death figures

The government has been accused of ignoring the fate of elderly people because its daily figures for coronavirus deaths cover only those who die in hospital, while the virus is “running wild” in care homes, according to charity Age UK. Official figures show there have been outbreaks of the virus in 2,000 care homes in England.


Trump: ‘I have total authority to end lockdown’

US President Donald Trump yesterday took umbrage at a press conference when a reporter suggested his power over US states was limited, meaning he would not be able to instruct them to lift lockdown orders. Trump insisted he had “total authority” and played a campaign video praising his handling of the pandemic.


MPs summon tech firm over China security concerns

The cross-party foreign affairs committee of MPs is today summoning the UK-based but Chinese-owned firm Imagination Technologies to question its alleged attempts to sell sensitive security software to companies controlled by China. The grilling comes amid increased concerns over Chinese dominance of high-tech industries.


Sanders endorses Biden for US presidential race

Former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders yesterday endorsed his erstwhile rival Joe Biden to be the party’s nomination later this year. Sanders pulled out of the race last week, leaving the former vice-president the party’s only candidate. Last night, Sanders urged all Americans to come together to ensure Donald Trump is defeated.


Austria to ease lockdown restrictions for shops

Thousands of shops in Austria are reopening today as part of a step-by-step plan to restart the economy and ease restrictions brought in to stop the spread of the coronavirus outbreak. DIY stores, garden centres and small shops will reopen today, but other social distancing measures will stay in place. Denmark has reopened some schools.


‘Harry will give up hunting,’ says Jane Goodall

The veteran primatologist Jane Goodall says the Duke of Sussex is likely to stop shooting because “Meghan doesn’t like hunting”. Goodall, who has met Harry several times, also told the Daily Mail she believes he is finding life “a bit challenging” just now. She added that it had been clear for some time that the couple would opt out of royal life.


Heat from sewage plants to grow UK vegetables

The UK could become far more self-sufficient in terms of growing vegetables as part of a five-year, £2.67bn investment, an engineering firm says. Low Carbon Farming is building two commercial greenhouses in East Anglia that use heat from waste water treatment plants – and it has identified sites for another 41.


Man accidentally ejects himself from fighter jet

A 64-year-old company director accidentally ejected himself from a fighter jet in France as it travelled at 320mph, an air accident report reveals. The man had never wanted to fly but was gifted the experience by colleagues and felt he had to accept. He panicked and pulled the ejector seat lever – and floated safely to the ground by parachute.


Coronavirus: exposing class divides

The new coronavirus has turned life upside down around the globe, confining millions to their homes, putting people out of work and hospitalising hundreds of thousands.

But while the impact has been felt widely, it has not necessarily been felt evenly.

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