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Ten Things You Need to Know Today: Friday 9 Oct 2020


Trump returns to public life as Congress mulls removing him

Donald Trump’s doctor says the US president has completed his course of treatment for Covid-19 and can return to public engagements this weekend. Dr Sean Conley said Trump had responded “extremely well” to medication. Meanwhile, Democrats in Congress will create a commission to review whether Trump is capable of carrying out his presidential duties or should face removal from office.


Minister declares Covid ‘out of control’ ahead of new rules

Hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people could be told to stay at home this winter as ministers plan to resume shielding in infection hotspots. Scientists advising the UK government believe the planned new coronavirus restrictions for the north of England do not go far enough. Meanwhile, Gillian Keegan, minister for skills and apprenticeships, says Covid-19 is “getting out of control” in the north of England.


North Korea set for historic military parade this weekend

North Korea is widely expected to reveal its latest weaponry at a huge parade this weekend to mark the 75th anniversary of the ruling Workers’ Party. The event is expected to be the biggest of its kind in the country’s history. Satellite images suggest the parade will feature thousands of goose-stepping troops, according to 38 North, a website that monitors North Korea.


Arrests after cannabis-laced sweets at London school

Two people have been arrested after 17 children at a London school were taken to hospital after eating sweets thought to contain an active substance in cannabis. Officers were called by the London ambulance service on Monday to La Sainte Union Catholic School in Highgate. Days later, a man and woman were arrested on suspicion of possession of cannabis and child neglect (exposure to harm).


‘Tip of the iceberg’ as anti-gay hate crimes treble

New data shows that the number of reported homophobic hate crime cases have almost trebled - from 6,655 in 2014-15, the year same sex marriage became legal in England, to 18,465 in 2019-20. The figures, obtained by the BBC from all 45 police forces in England and Wales, are described as the “tip of the iceberg” by LGBT charities.


The final French hostage in the world released in Mali

Four people abducted and detained in Mali have been released by their hostage-takers, officials have confirmed. One of them, the 75-year-old French charity worker Sophie Petronin who was seized in 2016, was the last French citizen to be held hostage anywhere in the world. Ex-Malian opposition leader Soumaila Cisse and two Italian nationals were also released.


Navy chief says melting ice cap could help China’s army

The melting Arctic ice cap is helping the Chinese and Russian armies, says the chief of the Royal Navy. “As the ‘High North’ becomes more open and accessible it’s going to be more contested and competitive as well,” said Tony Radakin, the First Sea Lord, speaking aboard the new aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales, in Portsmouth.


Wisdom teeth disappear as human evolution accelerates

A study has found that babies are no longer being born with wisdom teeth as the human race continues to evolve faster than at any time in the past 250 years. Australian scientists say shorter faces, extra bones in feet and legs and an artery in the forearm are among a series of differences noted in modern humans. The findings were published in the Journal of Anatomy. 


Sussexes win apology from LA news agency over photos

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have won an apology from a US news agency after drones were used to take pictures of their son, Archie. The couple claimed at Los Angeles County Superior Court that the 14-month-old was photographed by an unnamed person during the Covid-19 lockdown. The X17 agency will reimburse some of the royal couple’s legal fees.


Aircraft crashes with half a ton of cocaine

A light aircraft carrying almost half a ton of cocaine has crashed in Mexico after a high-speed chase with authorities. Two people aboard died in the crash, which occurred after Mexican military helicopters intercepted the plane and pursued it for hundreds of miles until it ran out of fuel and crashed in Botija, Queretaro on Monday, the government said in a statement.

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