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Ten Things You Need to Know Today: Monday 28 Mar 2016


Taliban group admits Lahore terror attack

A faction of the Taliban in Pakistan, Jamaat ul-Ahrar, has claimed responsibility for the bomb which killed 72 people and injured around 300 in a children's park in Lahore on Sunday evening. A suicide attacker blew himself up close to the entrance of the Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park, deliberately targeting Christians on Easter Sunday.


Donald Trump: Britain is 'not a safe place'

Donald Trump, frontrunner to be the Republican candidate in the US election, said yesterday that Britain and Europe are "not safe places", days after the Brussels terror attacks. Meanwhile, US secretary of state John Kerry said the campaign so far is "an embarrassment to our country" which has "shocked" other world leaders.


Flights diverted due to Storm Katie

Winds of up to 105mph have hit England and Wales since Storm Katie broke yesterday, with several flights diverted from Gatwick Airport and major bridges in the south of England closed. By 5am this morning, 16 flights had been diverted. The Dartford River Crossing, M48 Severn Bridge and Sheppey Crossing were all closed this morning.


Images reveal damage to Palmyra by IS

Hours after Syrian troops recaptured the historic town of Palmyra from Islamic State (IS), images have revealed that more ancient ruins remain intact than had been feared. The country's antiquities chief told AFP that, in general, the landscape is "in good shape". Photos show artefacts destroyed in museums and blown-up monuments.


Brussels: Water canon used on protesters

Police in Brussels yesterday used water cannon on anti-immigration protesters, repelling around 200 men, some of them masked, who made Nazi salutes and shouted nationalist slogans in a square where tributes to the victims of last week's terror attacks have been placed. Ten people were arrested as counter-demonstrators shouted back.


Sanders takes Washington, Hawaii and Alaska

Self-styled socialst Bernie Sanders trounced Hillary Clinton in all three US states which voted for their preferred Democratic candidate for the US presidency on Saturday, taking at least 70% of the vote in Washington, Alaska and Hawaii. Clinton remains the clear favourite, however, with 1,243 delegates across the US, to Sanders's 975.


Fund reaches £50,000 after shopkeeper's death

An online campaign to support the family of a Glasgow shopkeeper allegedly killed outside his shop has raised £50,000 in two days. Asad Shah had previously used social media to wish Christians a happy Easter and oppose violence. Police said the attack was "religiously prejudiced". They have arrested a 32-year-old Muslim man.


Pope condemns failure to help migrants

Pope Francis, the head of the Roman Catholic church, has used his Easter message to condemn anyone who fails to help migrants, while also condemning terrorism as "blind and brutal violence". Francis warned that migrants often meet "rejection from those who could offer them welcome and assistance" in his 'urbi et orbi' speech.


Boxer Blackwell in induced coma after fight

Former UK middleweight champion boxer Nick Blackwell is in hospital in an induced coma because of bleeding on his brain suffered during a fight on Saturday night with Chris Eubank Jr, son of the former world champion. The referee stopped the fight in round 10 after a doctor became concerned about a swelling above Blackwell's eye.


Ireland marks Easter Rising centenary

The centenary of the Easter Rising, the rebellion against British rule which began on Easter Monday in 1916, is being marked across Ireland today with wreath-laying and other commemorations. Yesterday, thousands of people lined the streets of Dublin for a parade. The rebellion was quelled in six days but led to the partition of Ireland.

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