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Ten Things You Need to Know Today: Tuesday 17 May 2016


240,000 turn out for Leicester victory parade

Almost a quarter of a million people turned out to celebrate Leicester City's unexpected Premier League triumph on Monday night. The streets were packed as the team paraded the trophy through the city centre on an open top bus before greeting a crowd of 100,000 at Victoria Park, where rock band Kasabian played a surprise set.


Rural police fear terrorist attacks

Rural police officers fear they would be "sitting ducks" in the event of a terrorist attack, the Police Federation says, because the number of firearms officers in England and Wales fell to its lowest level since 1987 last year. The Federation's comments come as Home Secretary Theresa May prepares to address its conference.


BBC to 'mothball' 11,000 recipes on food website

The BBC is to drop 11,000 recipes from the food section of its website in a bid to save money. The recipes won't be taken down, but the pages on which they appear will no longer be maintained and they will become harder to find. The decision comes after the BBC was told to make £15m savings from its online arm, in addition to £550m annual savings elsewhere, by 2021-2022.


Sinead O'Connor found after going missing

Irish singer Sinead O'Connor has been found safe and well, police say, after going missing for more than 24 hours from the Chicago suburb where she has been living since January. Concerns were raised after she left early on Sunday morning for a bike ride. The 49-year-old said on Facebook in November that she had taken an overdose.


Nurses 'should fill in for doctors', says NHS

NHS bosses say nurses, pharmacists and paramedics should be given extra training so they can fill in for doctors and help the service in England cope with high demand. But unions warn against the measure as a "quick fix" for problems, says the BBC. NHS Employers had asked the Nuffield Trust for suggestions on coping with demand.


Total boss: North Sea oil 'has a future'

The boss of oil giant Total has insisted that "there is a future for the North Sea, no doubt about it" as the firm opened a new gas plant in Shetland. Total has said it will continue to invest in UK oil and gas production, despite an estimated 65,000 recent job losses across the industry and warnings that it may collapse completely.


Cheap air fares contribute to fall in inflation

Cheap air fares contributed to a fall in the UK's inflation rate in April, the first since September last year. According to the Office for National Statistics the Consumer Prices Index fell to 0.3%, which cheaper air fares, vehicles, clothing and social housing costs the main contributors. The Bank of England expects inflation to increase in the second half of the year.


Athletes face Olympic bans after 2008 samples retested

Thirty one athletes from 12 countries competing in six different sports could be banned from the Rio Olympics after the IOC restested 454 anti-doping samples taken from athletes at the 2008 Beijing Games. The IOC is also awaiting the results of 250 retests from the 2012 Olympics in London using the latest anti-doping techniques to catch drugs cheats.


Bison calf put down after tourists interfere

A bison calf in Yellowstone national park has been put down because it was repeatedly rejected by its herd after some tourists put the animal in their car believing it to be cold. The Park Service said a father and son had acted out of "misplaced concern for the animal's welfare". Visitors are supposed to stay 25 yards from all wildlife.


Briefing: Will Scotland swing the EU vote?

Voters in Scotland could tip the balance of the European Union referendum result, after a poll revealed that more than three-quarters of Scots oppose Brexit. A Survation survey commissioned by the Daily Record puts support for remaining in the EU at 76 per cent among Scottish voters. "These figures are encouraging," a spokesman for Scotland Stronger in Europe told the newspaper. Scots could have "a decisive impact on the result UK-wide", he said.

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