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Forza Motorsport 7 reviews: critics hail ‘beautiful’ racer

Players will sink hours into the revamped career mode, packed with 700 cars

The seventh addition to the Forza Motorsport franchise will be on the shelves on from Monday – and critics seem impressed with the Gran Turismo rival. 

Developed by Turn 10 Studios, Forza Motorsport 7 has been two years in the making. It features a host of new cars and iconic circuits including the 12.9-mile Nurburgring in Germany and the Japanese grand prix circuit Suzuka. 

The game places greater emphasis on driver customisation than its predecessors, allowing players to put on outfits ranging from professional motor sport gear to police costumes. 

It’s the biggest and most graphically detailed entry into the series yet, but does it live up to the high expectations the Motorsport franchise has set over the past decade?

Critics have already posted  reviews of the game, although final verdicts aren’t expected until Monday. 


Forza Motorsport 7 is one of the games expected to reveal the true performance of Microsoft’s upcoming high-powered Xbox One X console, which launches on 7 November. 

The games runs at 4K resolution and 60fps on the One X, along with HDR (high dynamic range) lighting effects that boost contrast ratios. These specs will be similar for those playing on a high-end PC. 

Meanwhile, the regular Xbox One version runs at 1080p and 60fps, while players with the more recent Xbox One S are also treated to HDR effects. 

While the Xbox One X version “is very beautiful”, Polygon argues that the racing game’s graphical performance is equally as impressive on the regular Xbox One. 

“It's a lovely game that shows off moody skies, shining asphalt, gleaming cars and a wide variety of landscapes, from the sands of Dubai to the streets of Prague,” the website says. 

However, Trusted Reviews  says the game’s HDR effects make “a huge difference” and will tempt players “to invest in the latest telly tech”.


Turn 10 Studios has upped the number of tracks to 32 from the 27 in Forza Motorsport 6, while the vehicle count has been increased to 700 from the 450 in the old game. 

These cars feel easier to control than those in the more simulation-focused game Project Cars 2, says Games Radar, giving you a greater feeling of how the car is behaving on track and “allowing you to drive accordingly to stay on the black stuff”. 

Along with the “superior” handling model, the website says the game’s “presentation is superb” and the artificial intelligence (AI) performance “is far more balanced” than previous entries in the series. 

The revamped career mode is a “swath of variety” that makes playing the game for hours on end “feel like a breeze”, says Gamespot.

There’s also the addition of loot crates, the site says, which can be bought for in-game credits and “offer a balanced mix of cosmetic and practical items”. These can include outfits for your avatar or a new car.

Price and release

Those who pre-ordered the £79.99 Ultimate edition of the game on Amazon, which comes with a season pass for future downloadable content packs and VIP membership for in-game perks, can access the game from today.

The £64.99 Deluxe version, which includes the VIP membership, can also download the game today. 

However, standard versions of the game launch on the Xbox One and PC on 3 October, costing £41.99 each.


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