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Who will replace Daniel Craig as the next James Bond?

Actor’s final outing as 007 delayed by months due to coronavirus

James Bond odds: will Richard Madden be the next 007?

15 October 2018

The latest actor tipped to be the next James Bond when Daniel Craig steps down is The Bodyguard’s Richard Madden.

Barbara Broccoli, 007’s executive producer, is taking him seriously as a candidate, according to the Mail on Sunday.

Madden played Robb Stark in Game of Thrones and the Prince in Cinderella, but it was this year's starring role in Jed Mercurio’s Bodyguard series that apparently put him in the running for one of the most sought-after roles in Hollywood.

“Madden’s portrayal of a steely diplomatic protection officer in the BBC drama and his bedroom antics with Home Secretary Julia Montague, played by Keeley Hawes, made him the bookies’ favourite to be the next 007,” says the Mail.

A source told the newspaper: “It’s seriously looking like he [Madden] is going to get the job. Not only is he on top of Barbara’s list, but she is preparing to offer the role.”

Broccoli recently ruled out the prospect of a female Bond, saying: “Bond is male. He’s a male character. He was written as a male and I think he’ll probably stay as a male.”

However, she is reportedly open to casting a non-white actor in the role.

Craig, who has played James Bond in four films over 11 years, finally ended speculation last autumn by signing up for one final outing as 007 before permanently handing in his licence to kill.

Charlie Hunnam in the frame to play 007

14 May 

Daniel Craig hasn't fully ruled himself out of reprising his role as the world's favourite spy James Bond, but it hasn't stopped speculation about who could next step into his shoes.

This week, the rumour mill is turning about British actor Charlie Hunnam, who is best known for his roles in the long-running drama series Sons of Anarchy and the 2013 sci-fi film Pacific Rim.

Currently doing press for Guy Ritchie's King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, the actor said he had heard rumours about him becoming the next 007 - and it would be right up his alley, writes Screen Rant

"I can say two things," he told US chat-show host Conan O'Brien. "I'm English and I look devilishly handsome in a suit."

However, he added that as yet, he hadn't heard anything from the producers. "Nobody has called me about playing James Bond, so I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen," he said.

"If you [O'Brien] decide not to do it, you can just throw your ole pal Charlie's name in the hat."

Hunnam joins Orlando Bloom, Michael Fassbender, Tom Hardy, Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston and Aidan Turner in being linked with the covetable role.

The 25th Bond film script is already in the works, but producer Barbara Broccoli told industry players last week she is still not sure when it will shoot, reports Page Six

Orlando Bloom: The new James Bond?

04 May

Pirates of the Caribbean star Orlando Bloom has thrown his hat into the ring to be the next James Bond.

"I grew up loving those [Bond] films. Who didn't?" Orlando told BBC News. "I'm sure they'll probably do more with Daniel [Craig], and who knows where they'll go with that?

"That franchise is a part of the fabric of our society, isn't it? It's something that people really relate, and laugh and enjoy… That little wink and twinkling behind the eyes is what I always saw in Sean Connery and Roger Moore."

Digital Spy notes Bloom has even thought out exactly how he'd play Bond, if he ever received the green light from producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson.

"I think it'd be very English, but that sort of twinkle with the muscular dynamic," Bloom explained. "Who knows? They could do a woman, the world that we live in today.

"Who knows where they'll go with it? I don't know, but I do love that [James Bond] world."

But not everyone is such a big fan of the idea. Esquire's Finlay Renwick urges Bloom to "stay in your lane," saying: "Like Coke and Mentos and ammonia and bleach, Orlando Bloom and James Bond should never be mixed... ever."

Although it is not yet known whether current Bond Daniel Craig will return for a fifth movie, talks between the actor and Bond producers "are going in the right direction", according to a source speaking to Page Six. The website added Craig has been persuaded to return after his experience working with Barbara Broccoli on his acclaimed off-Broadway production of Othello.

"They have a script – screenwriting duo Neal Purvis and Robert Wade are writing and they'll go into production as soon as Daniel is ready to commit," added the source.

Daniel Craig 'in talks to play James Bond once more'

5 April 

Reports are growing that far from handing in his licence to kill, Daniel Craig could be back as James Bond in the next film in the franchise.

Talks between Craig and Bond producers "are going in the right direction", a source told Page Six, which says Craig was convinced to continue as the spy after working with Bond producer Barbara Broccoli on his off-Broadway production of Othello.

"They have a script - screenwriting duo Neal Purvis and Robert Wade are writing and they'll go into production as soon as Daniel is ready to commit," added the source.

Back in 2015, Craig, who has played 007 in four films so far, said he would rather "slash his own wrists" than step into the spy's shoes again.

"We're done. All I want to do is move on," he said following the release of Spectre.

Bookies are still taking bets on who could replace him, with Vicky McClure, Idris Elba, James Norton and Jamie Bell all rumoured to be in the running.

However, Page Six also says former favourite Tom Hiddleston is apparently out of the contest because Broccoli is not a fan.

Their source said: "Barbara Broccoli doesn't like Tom Hiddleston - he's a bit too smug and not tough enough to play James Bond."

The source also adds that Hiddleston's high-profile, short-lived romance with pop star Taylor Swift, followed by his much-criticised acceptance speech at the Golden Globes, did not win him any favours with the producer.

Will Line of Duty's Vicky McClure be the next James Bond?

28 March

Line of Duty star Vicky McClure has been touted to take over as James Bond when Daniel Craig gives up the role – and she says the idea of is "genius".

The actor told The Sun she has been lapping up the idea.

She said: "The rumour is a very funny thing to have happened. A Nottingham girl playing Bond is never going to happen in a million years – but it would be genius if it did, wouldn't it?"

McClure has played DS Kate Fleming in the BBC's hit police corruption drama since 2012. She also won a Bafta in 2011 for her role as Lol in the Channel 4 drama This is England '86 and recently starred in the acclaimed three-part psychological drama The Replacement.

Although Craig hasn't officially given up his licence to kill, it is widely believed that he has made his last 007 film. But while fans think McClure would make an excellent Jane Bond, the bookmakers expect the super-spy to stay "James" for now.

Grantchester star James Norton remains the favourite, with Aiden Turner, Idris Elba and Tom Hardy also in the frame.

McClure is not the first woman to be tipped for the role, however.

Gillian Anderson, best known as Agent Scully in 1990s sci-fi series The X-Files, has also been suggested. She tweeted a mocked-up picture of herself as 'Jane Bond' last year.

And it was a woman who almost beat Sean Connery to the role of Bond in the 1960s, says the Sun.

Before making the first Bond film with Connery, producers considered casting US actor Susan Hayward in the role and changing the gender.

Producer Lorenzo Semple Jr told Variety: "Frankly, we thought that James Bond was kind of unbelievable and, as I recall, even kind of stupid. So Gregory thought the solution was to make Bond a woman – Jane Bond, if you will…"

Next James Bond: Who is 'absolutely the first choice'?

30 September

Despite the bevy of actors ready to take on the role, the makers of the James Bond films are desperate for Daniel Craig to return, according to one executive producer.

Aidan Turner, Idris Elba and Tom Hiddleston have all been rumoured to be in contention for the role, but Callum McDougall, who has worked on nine Bonds, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme Craig was "absolutely" the first choice.

"We would love Daniel to return as Bond," he told presenter Nick Robinson.

"Without any question he is absolutely Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson's first choice and I know they are hoping for him to come back.”

Robinson then asked: "If he signs you'll welcome him back?", to which McDougall replied: "Absolutely."

Robinson also tweeted the news, posting: "Drumroll. Fanfare. The next Bond is... Daniel Craig if he still wants the job, Bond's executive producer Callum McDougall tells."

Craig who has appeared in four Bond films since his debut in 2006's Casino Royale, has garnered numerous plaudits for his gritty reboot of the character.

But last year the actor said he would rather "slash my wrists" than reprise the role, while this year, he was reported to have turned down £68m to take on two more Bond films, plunging the internet into overdrive searching for his replacement.

Many commentators, though, would prefer the actor to hang on in there. "We're pretty sure Sony don't want any of Craig's rumoured replacements to reprise the role any time soon and for that Sony we salute you," says the Back to the Movies website.

Time Out agrees. Craig is the "growliest, punchiest Bond since Sean Connery, and a damn fine actor to boot", it says.

Next James Bond: Will it be Poldark or The Night Manager?

27 September

Frontrunner Aidan Turner has been backed to become the next Bond by his Poldark predecessor.

Robin Ellis had "women swooning" in the role of Ross Poldark in the 1970s version of the BBC series, reports the Daily Mirror. Now Ellis believes his Irish successor has all the qualities needed to take over from Daniel Craig as the world's favourite spy.

Ellis, who also plays the Reverend Halse in the BBC's new Poldark remake, said: "I like Aidan. I think he's doing a wonderful job as Ross. He looks great and has a brooding presence. He's registered enormously with the public, and that's terrific.

"I think he'd be an excellent Bond. Aidan is a good actor, and the first 007, Sean Connery, was a very good actor. Aidan is quite capable of doing that part. Good luck to him if he gets it. I'll be very pleased for him."

But Turner's boost hasn't deterred some from championing the cause of Tom Hiddleston.

The Night Manager star has gained the backing of Susanne Bier, who has been tipped to direct the next Bond film.

"I think Tom could do anything. If he wants to Bond he would great at it," said the director, who won an Emmy for her work on the BBC spy series, said:

"Tom is a very special actor. He is very physical and he can do anything with his body and yet is so incredibly skilled at lines.

"He is a natural spy because 70 per cent of what he is thinking remains a secret. That makes it so interesting to watch him, as you what to know what is he feeling and that make him captivating on screen."

Her support could be vital in helping Hiddleston land the biggest role in cinema, says The Sun.

MGM and production firm Eon executives are said to have earmarked Bier as one of the favourites to take over from current Bond director Sam Mendes.

Bier herself has not been shy about the idea of directing the next spy film – the 25th in the franchise.

"I think I would do an amazing job," she said. "I do not think I would do a different movie because I'm a woman."

But Priyanka Chopra, the star of US television series Quantico, believes the next iteration of James Bond should almost certainly be a woman. Chopra, who had previously made comments that she would be interested in taking on the role, told Refinery 29: "I know everything is about diversity right now. But I think it should be about humanity. It's 2016. It's so easy to separate ourselves and become smaller and smaller pieces of humanity. ... It would be a big win for women, period."

The actress went on to say that there was one change they should not make to the character. If they're going to cast James Bond, then it needs to be James Bond. "And not Jane. She should be James Bond, and she should be able to sell it. Why not?" she added.

Cinema Blend's Dirk Libbey agrees, saying: "While James Bond is the world's most famous spy character, in the end, it's just a character, and it can be rewritten to allow a woman to play the part.

"James is a good name, let's not limit its use based strictly on gender."

The concept of a woman playing 007 is not new.

Gillian Anderson sent the Twittersphere ablaze when she posted a mock-up of herself as the spy with the caption: "Its Bond, Jane Bond."

Many were fully on board with the idea, notes Metro, but the actor has since said she doesn't feel Bond has to be a woman.

Asked whether a Jane Bond was due during an interview with Buzzfeed about the next series of her TV show The Fall, Anderson replied: "Not necessarily. I think maybe we can reinvent what Bond is. Maybe he doesn't have to fit into that paradigm."

Of the positive response from fans, she added: "It was flattering. It was a fun little thing that ran for a little while."

Her The Fall co-star, Jamie Dornan, told her: "I put a bet on. You can bet on you, though. I looked into it."

The news that Craig had reportedly been offered £150m to continue playing the spy was then put to the actress and she joked: "I wasn't offered £150m to play James Bond."


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