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Jeremy Clarkson: 'If you didn't get the right A level results don't worry'

18 August

Jeremy Clarkson is in good spirits after falling ill with pneumonia. Yesterday, The Grand Tour presenter continued his annual advice to students receiving their A-level results, saying once again that you don't always need good grades to live a lavish lifestyle.

The Grand Tour presenter encouraged teens on Twitter by saying: "if you didn't get the right A level results, don't worry. I got a C and 2 Us, and my chef is preparing truffles for breakfast."

His motivational tweets on results day are becoming an annual habit. Last year, the former Top Gear host said he was "on a superyacht in the med" despite getting "a C and 2 Us".

The light-hearted comments come two weeks after the presenter was hospitalised in Spain with pneumonia, reports The Times, "after falling ill during a family holiday."

Clarkson later posted an image of his arm covered in medical tubes on his Instagram account, saying they were "not the sort of bangles I usually choose on holiday."

The Grand Tour: Jeremy Clarkson's TV firm makes £8m from debut season

14 July 

Jeremy Clarkson's TV firm which he set up with co-presenters James May and Richard Hammond made "more than £8m in profits" from the first season of their The Grand Tour motoring show on Amazon Prime, reports The Guardian.

After signing a three-season deal with the online retail giant for £160m, the newspaper says the former Top Gear stars then established their own TV company - W Chump & Sons. 

Accounts show the firm "made £8.39m in pre-tax profits from the point of incorporation in November 2015 to the end of last year". 

While the first season of the new show may have been a financial success, TrustedReviews says fan reception was "lukewarm" and that the show was criticised for being "overly scripted". 

That hasn't stopped Clarkson, Hammond and May from shooting a second series, which had its first teaser trailer launch earlier this week. 

The next season looks just as action-packed as the first, as the trio drive a variety of cars - ranging from classic rally machinery to makeshift vehicles - in various environments. Viewers will also get a glimpse of the Swiss hill-climb event that led to Hammond's fiery crash in the all-electric Rimac Concept One.   

An end-of-year release was expected for the second season, but The Independent says filming may have been delayed because of the broken leg Hammond sustained in the accident.

The Grand Tour: Hammond 'panicked' over thought of head injuries

3 July

Richard Hammond says he "panicked" at the thought of sustaining head injuries following a crash at a hillclimb event in Switzerland while filming the second series of Amazon Prime's The Grand Tour.

Appearing with his wife Mindy on ITV's This Morning, Hammond said: "I remember lying on the ground and reciting things that I had done that day to the crew. 

"I was just checking that everything was [ok], like running a systems check on what limited brain capacity I have.

"Once I did that, I wanted to call Mindy to say, 'Don't be cross.'"

His wife, however, seemed more shaken by the accident, telling the former Top Gear presenter: "Three strikes and you're out. You've had two goes," a reference to his accent in 2006, when he was hospitalised with head injuries after crashing a jet-powered dragster at 270mph. 

She also said he would "probably not" stop shooting the Grand Tour even if he had another crash.  

Hammond lost control of his Rimac Concept One electric supercar after completing his final run up the hillclimb.

According to the Daily Telegraph, he "hurtled 100 metres [328 feet] down a hill" before "catching fire".

He escaped with a broken leg.

According to The Sun, Grand Tour co-host James May "jeered" at Hammond as he returned to work over the weekend. 

However, May was then spotted helping his colleague, who the newspaper says has been "living in a wheelchair" since the accident, through the door of his office.

Hammond thought he was 'going to die' in Grand Tour crash

28 June

Richard Hammond thought he was "going to die" when his car crashed and caught fire at a hillclimb event in Switzerland while filming the second series of Amazon Prime's The Grand Tour.  

"What was probably going through my mind was 'well, this is it'," he told followers on the Drivetribe social media site.

At one point, he adds, he experienced "a moment of dead" that made him think: "Oh God, I'm going to die."

He also revealed the crash may have been avoided had the production crew not asked him and his Grand Tour co-star James May to complete another set of runs on the hillclimb.

"We kicked off like a couple of petulant schoolboys because as far as we're concerned, we've done it," writes the former Top Gear star.

He then told the director: "Why are you making us do another? You know that's the one we'll crash on" - a comment he "regrets" saying.  

Hammond was behind the wheel of an all-electric Rimac Concept One supercar when he lost control and veered off the track shortly after completing his final run.

The car "hurtled 100 metres [328 feet] down a hill", reports the Daily Telegraph, "narrowly avoiding crashing into a house and leaving craters in the cliffside".

It "repeatedly flipped over before catching fire, moments after [Hammond] managed to escape it", adds the paper.

Fellow Grand Tour presenter Jeremy Clarkson told Drivetribe fans he witnessed the aftermath of the accident and "genuinely thought [Hammond] was dead".

However, in another blog post he wrote: "I've been up since dawn, rewriting all of the scripts and ideas we had to accommodate the fact that Hammond can't drive for the next few months."

He added that because of the crash, the second series of the Grand Tour, which was due to stream at the end of this year, has been delayed.



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