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Get behind the wheel of the show’s most luxurious - and bizarre - vehicles later this year

The Grand Tour Season 2: Jeremy Clarkson spotted in Croatia

11 May

Jeremy Clarkson has been spotted on location in Croatia filming the second series of his Amazon Prime motoring show The Grand Tour.

According to the Daily Mail, the presenter and his former Top Gear co-star Richard Hammond were on the island of Peg, driving a pair of cars "in the midst of competition to see who could go quicker."

Clarkson was behind the wheel of Audi's new TT RS coupe, a five-cylinder engined sports car that produces 395bhp and goes from zero to 62mph in just 3.7secs.

Hammond was driving Ariel's radical Nomad off-road buggy, a clear departure from the firm's track-focused Atom, with tall suspension and bulbous tyres for challenging road surfaces.

There was no sign of The Grand Tour's third presenter James May.

Filming for the second season of the Amazon Prime show has been kept under wraps since the first series concluded in February.

In March, The Sun reported that Hammond had been "knocked out" after falling off his bike while shooting in Mozambique.

He later told fans on his Drivetribe website: "I banged my head, yes, along with pretty much everything else except my left thumb, which remains unbruised.

"Can't tell you more yet about the how and why of it; that's all for later in the year on the show," he added. "As for injuries; well put it this way, I don't think I can get a book out of it"

The Grand Tour season two is expected to air in November. Amazon Prime subscribers can stream all 13 episode from the first season now.

Grand Tour: Richard Hammond survives bike crash in Mozambique 

21 March

Richard Hammond has reassured fans he is "fine" after falling off a motorbike while filming his Amazon Prime show The Grand Tour in Mozambique.

Posting on social media platform Drivetribe, the former Top Gear presenter revealed he "banged my head, yes, along with pretty much everything else except my left thumb, which remains unbruised".

He added that he couldn't say much more until "later in the year on the show", but joked he wouldn't "get a book" out of it.

The Sun reports that Hammond was "knocked out" but did not sustain any real injury. It is not known if he was wearing a helmet.

Sources told the paper "it wouldn't have been easy to get medical attention" if it had been more serious as the location was "very remote" with "basic" facilities.

Co-stars Jeremy Clarkson and James May, "known for having a laugh on set", were "shaken" by the incident, they added.

It's not the first time Hammond has been injured while filming. He "nearly died" after crashing a jet-powered car at high-speed while filming an episode for Top Gear, reports The Independent.

Despite being in a coma for two weeks, adds the website, he has since made a full recovery.

Jeremy Clarkson: Cars can 'no longer be manly'

16 March

Cars can "no longer be manly", writes Jeremy Clarkson, despite his nostalgic memories of the days when "horny-handed sons of toil" made "hot, dangerous and noisy" cars.


Writing in The Sunday Times, The Grand Tour presenter laments that those days are gone because "it is now offensive to be in possession of a penis".


Plastic cars, he continues, are "kind to the environment and economical and cheap and safe". Plastic is lighter, "which means less fuel is needed to cart it around, and that means fewer emissions".


However, he says the use of plastic for panelling is clear to see when you look at a car, stirring up your "limbic system" which concludes: "That's crap."


Using a Toyota hybrid as an example, he adds: "Your eyes tell you it looks great. But your soul is saying, 'It's rubbish.'"


Clarkson also turns to the "snappily named" Renault Scenic Dynamique S Nav dCi 110, saying it only takes five minutes of seeing one in a dealership to have you "ready to sell your children for the chance to own [one]".


He lauds its head-up display, its "massive" glass sunroof, leather upholstery and cruise control. It's all "very, very attractive", he says, adding the Scenic Dynamique is a "good-looking, well-equipped, practical and economical car that is exceptional value for money".


However, he adds, "the more you look at it, the more you realise there's something wrong. And what's wrong is: a lot of this car is made from plastic. And somehow you know. Which means you know it's crap."


The Grand Tour: Giant Jeremy Clarkson head angers public

23 February

The inaugural series of Jeremy Clarkson's new Amazon Prime motoring show, The Grand Tour, may have come to an end, but the former Top Gear star is still stealing the headlines weeks later.

A giant stone bust of the presenter has been awarded to 15-year-old Zohaib Alam, from Salford, for two weeks – and it's causing quite a stir with his neighbours.

"It's a bit of a tacky monstrosity", one of Alam's neighbours told the Manchester Evening News, "but I guess we'll have to live with it".

Another neighbour was more confused by the bust, which the website claims caused temporary closure of the road into Swinton. 

Alam was chosen to host the bust of Clarkson after sharing an image of his front garden with The Grand Tour's Twitter account. 

The bust is expected to go to another winner when Alam's two weeks are over, but it's not yet known when the show's organisers will take back the giant sculptures or if the competition will continue into the second season of the motoring show. 

It's not just Clarkson's head that has been turned into a bust, as his co-presenters Richard Hammond and James May have both appeared in Newport and Elstead respectively. 

Last year, the heads were spotted circling the globe on the back of a flatbed truck. Sightings of the busts in Amsterdam, Sydney and Washington State in the US were posted on social media, but their significance was only revealed towards the end of the first series. 

Fans can catch all 13 episodes of The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime for a yearly fee of £79.


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