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Jeremy Clarkson to become a character in Amazon Prime’s The Grand Tour Game

Get behind the wheel of the show’s most luxurious - and bizarre - vehicles later this year

Jeremy Clarkson loses race in new Grand Tour sneak peak - watch the full video

6 October

James Corden oversees competition between ex-Top Gear host and co-stars James May and Richard Hammond

A tantalising new glimpse of what Jeremy Clarkson's new Amazon motoring show will be like emerged today with the arrival of a video featuring all three hosts of The Grand Tour.

The video, tweeted by Clarkson this morning, sees the former Top Gear presenter and co-hosts James May and Richard Hammond go head-to-head in a race overseen by US chat-show host James Corden.

However, each of the hosts has to answer quiz questions while they drive and an incorrect answer sees them have a second deducted from their time.

The clip, recorded for The Late Show with James Corden, has been received enthusiastically by YouTube viewers and has already been watched more than 60,000 times.

"This 7 minute video is better than all of new top gear!" says one commenter.

"There was more wit and charm in this entire 8 minute segment then there was during a whole series of new Top Gear," agrees another.

Unfortunately for Clarkson, the day doesn't end well for him. 


So what did we learn as the boys took a spin in a Dodge Viper around the Willow Spring race circuit in California? 

The first thing we learnt is that according to Hammond, Clarkson's favourite sexual position is "on the internet".

GQ notes that "Hammond revealed that his American history knowledge needs work, Clarkson showed a surprisingly robust familiarity with the flags of the world and May really is quite slow on a racing track."

All three of them also proved that they can be witty while driving at high speed, which is presumably why Amazon deemed the trio to be worth the £160 million price tag the online streaming service paid for their signatures.

When Hammond is announced as the winner of the race, Clarkson petulantly knocks the trophy off the top of the podium before assuming his place on it. Hammond punches the air as he receives his prize, but he is cut down to size (relatively literally) by Clarkson who whispers in his ear "I'm still f***ing taller than you."

Jeremy Clarkson: Ex-Top Gear host gives first behind-the-scenes look at The Grand Tour

26 September

Jeremy Clarkson has taken fans behind the scenes of his new series The Grand Tour, with a peep inside the tech tent.

In a new video to mark the studio filming of the upcoming Amazon Prime show's first episode, Clarkson and executive producer Andy Wilman exchange jovial barbs.[[{"type":"media","view_mode":"content_original","fid":"101036","attributes":{"class":"media-image"}}]]

"If you want to fight a small war, control an aircraft carrier or fly a spaceship, they're all from in here," says Clarkson. "Literally all of it."

Wilman retorts: "That's his fantasy. He wants his bedroom like this now."

As the banter heats up, Clarkson asks: "Can we do a rehearsal?", to which Wilman replies no, "because we've run out of money". This prompts knowing chuckles all round.

The first episode of the hotly-anticipated The Grand Tour will be aired on 18 November, with Clarkson reunited with for Top Gear co-hosts James May and Richard Hammond for the first time since leaving the BBC show last year.

The trio signed up with Amazon in July 2015, after the BBC decided not to renew Clarkson's contract following a "fracas" with producer Oisin Tymon.

The Grand Tour is being filmed across the globe and will be broadcast every Friday for 12 weeks.

Although some Amazon series are dropped all in one go so goggle-eyed fans can "binge-watch" an entire season in one sitting, the Clarkson show is set to conform to the traditional once-a-week schedule.

Jeremy Clarkson: In cars, as in life, I crave the simple things

22 September

Jeremy Clarkson has a job most petrolheads would kill for, spending most of his days test-driving the latest hot new supercar, concept or limited edition vehicle.

But the former Top Gear presenter says he wants nothing more than to be behind the wheel of a Ford Fiesta.

Writing his most recent car review for the Sunday Times, Clarkson recounted a story of getting to a hotel and being offered delicacies, when all he wanted was something simple.

"Like all swanky, country-house getaway spa retreats, the menu offered all sorts of vertical food prepared by a chef who'd trained in Southampton and could do wonderful things with weeds and seeds. But all I wanted was a prawn cocktail. In a glass, with a twist of lemon," he said.

The host of Amazon Prime's forthcoming motoring show The Grand Tour added that he often arrives in hotels to be offered "a choice of sauteed sheep's brains and the barely formed areola of a lightly salted baby pig", something that makes him suddenly "become overwhelmed by the urgent need for a poached egg on toast."

It is, he added, the same with cars: "I spend most of my life whizzing hither and thither in exotica made from platinum and rhodium and fitted with engines that roar and bellow and spit fire. And all I want on the way home is a Ford Fiesta ST."

The Grand Tour, a show almost certain to feature no Ford Fiestas, is set to launch on 18 November.


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