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Royal wedding merchandise: the decorations, food and games you'll need to celebrate

Mark the royal wedding in style with memorabilia that would make Harry and Meghan proud

With the royal wedding fast approaching, time is running out to plan your celebrations for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s big day.

Whether you're planning a big barbeque, a patriotic street party or a tongue-in-cheek get-together, you’ll want to make sure it’s properly decked out. So chuck your ancient bunting in the bin and pick up some of these royally excellent offerings:

Milly Green mugs

British designer Milly Green has created a whole range of eye-catching products to mark the royal wedding, including this fine bone china mug from John Lewis. It’s a high-quality piece of homeware that you’ll actually want to keep using - and the perfect vessel from which to sup a celebratory brew on the day.

Milly Green mug, £12.99 each;

Windsor Knot pale ale

The only royal wedding beer actually brewed in Windsor, Harry & Meghan’s Windsor Knot pale ale – from the Windsor & Eton brewery - is the perfect boozy option to offer your party guests. If you want to make it a heavy session, why not devise a drinking game based around the BBC’s commentary? You’re bound to get royally wrecked if you take a sip every time someone mentions Meghan’s beauty.

Windsor Knot pale ale, £29.99 for 12 bottles;

Royal wedding biscuit tin

Nothing says ‘special occasion’ in Britain quite like a commemorative biscuit tin from Marks & Spencer. The shortbread inside this one is bound to be delicious, and the tin itself will live on forever as a memento. The perfect container of sweet treats to pass among your guests.

Royal wedding biscuit tin, £6;

Harry & Meghan dress-up dolly book

Don’t let your royal wedding party stagnate while the BBC coverage plods along for hours before and after the ceremony. Planning a little activity, like a session with this dress-up dolly book, will help break up the day and keep your guests engaged. Young family members may well have some genuine fun with this book of paper dolls, while adults can giggle at the sight of cardboard Harry in his boxers.

Harry & Meghan dress-up dolly book, £4;

Commemorative mask pack

You can reenact all of the best moments from the royal wedding, or even stage your own alternate version of events, with this fun set of masks. Divvying out the roles among your friends and family will be a fun way to kill some time, and it will provide a brilliant opportunity to see who at your party does the best Prince Philip impersonation.

Commemorative mask pack, £14.99;

Gold crown party hats

A perfect companion to the masks, these golden crown party hats will ensure that everyone at your party feels like royalty. Ginger Ray’s design blends playfulness with elegance, and the adjustable chin-straps mean that all head sizes are catered for.

Gold crown party hats, £3.99 for five;

Royal Collection wedding plate

A piece of crockery that anyone’s nan would be proud to own, this commemorative plate from John Lewis was commissioned exclusively by Buckingham Palace. The fine bone china, crafted by hand in England, has decorative borders inspired by the mid-13th-century Gilebertus doors at St George's Chapel.

Royal Collection wedding plate, £49;

Royal wedding tea towel

There is no shortage of royal wedding tea towels, but this offering from Ulster Weavers is one of the best. The design is pretty enough that you could put the towel into normal circulation in your kitchen after its big debut on 19 May. On the day itself, you could hang it on a wall to add an extra splash of colour to your party.

Royal wedding tea towel, £12.32;

The Royals: Prince Harry & Meghan Markle graphic novel

One of the more bizarre pieces of royal wedding memorabilia on the market, TidalWave Productions’ special edition graphic novel details the story of this new golden couple in primary coloured comic book panels. Children are likely to enjoy the book, which marks the occasion of Harry and Meghan’s nuptials in an easy-to-understand manner.

The Royals: Prince Harry & Meghan Markle graphic novel, £5.77;

Royal Collection tea bags

A nice cup of tea will be the perfect way to round off the royal wedding celebrations, and this regal brew is the perfect blend to deploy at your party. Raise a toast to the grandmother of the groom with a cup of ‘Our Longest Reigning Monarch’, part of the official Royal Collection from John Lewis. Pair it up with some of that M&S shortbread to create a partnership as perfect as Harry and Meghan.

Royal Collection Tea Bags, £9.95 for 50;


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