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CES 2020 product launches: Samsung 8K TVs, ‘computer’ mouse, robot cat waiter, mind-control wearables

A look at what’s being showcased this week in Las Vegas


The future of technology and innovation takes centre stage this week with the first CES event of the decade in Las Vegas, United States. 

With more than 4,500 companies exhibiting and 175,000 people in attendance, CES 2020 will see global firms and tech start-ups showcase new products to the world.

From mega-TVs and wearables to robotics and software, here we take a look at some of the new products being launched this week at CES.

Samsung unveils 8K and lifestyle TVs

Ahead of CES 2020 Samsung Electronics has unveiled its latest line-up of MicroLED, QLED 8K and lifestyle televisions. 

One of the highlights of Samsung’s CES offering is the flagship Q950TS QLED 8K TV - the industry’s first 8K TV to combine an ultra-thin 8K picture quality and surround-sound audio. The Q950TS introduces the “Infinity Screen”, which produces a screen-to-body ratio of 99%.

Samsung is also growing its portfolio of lifestyle TVs with an expanded roll-out of The Sero. Meaning “vertical” in Korean, The Sero has the ability to pivot between horizontal and vertical orientations - just like a smartphone or tablet. 

Following its initial rollout in South Korea last year, Samsung is set to expand The Sero’s availability to several global markets in 2020.

The ‘Computer’ Mouse

Desktop computers are getting smaller - and this one fits in the palm of your hand. Described by Digital Trends as the “smallest, most compact computer we’ve ever seen”, this device is the size of a desktop mouse.

The Computer Mouse is 3D-printed, custom built and connected to a 1.5-inch colour OLED LCD display.

BellaBot robot cat waiter

As there’s already a “mouse” in this list it’s only right to also feature a “cat”. At CES this year Chinese firm PuduTech is showcasing two restaurant robots, one for food delivery and one for food returns. 

The “BellaBot” food delivery robot looks like a “cute kitty” and has expressions which change when people interact with it in different ways.  

Designed as a solution for unstaffed restaurants, the BellaBot is described by The Daily Telegraph as a “moody, meowing robot cat waiter”.

UBTECH Walker robot

Returning to CES for 2020, the UBTECH Walker “intelligent humanoid service robot” is back with new capabilities and functionality improvements.

UBTECH said in a statement: “This year’s presentation will demonstrate Walker’s faster, human-like walking as well as yoga poses with dynamic stability showing its huge improvement in motion control.”

NextMind device: direct brain command 

French neurotechnology start-up NextMind demonstrates its real-time “brain-sensing” wearable device that allows users to “control anything in their digital world by using just their thoughts”.

The NextMind device, which has won two CES Innovation Awards, captures electrical brain signals from the user’s visual cortex, and by using machine learning algorithms, translates that output into direct digital commands for devices in real time, all while hands-free. 

The small, round device fits into the back of a cap or headband and rests gently on the user’s head, or it can be used via AR/VR headset. 

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